Happy First Day of Summer!!!


Have any plans yet? Any vacations, planned beach trips, mountain climbing or catching some rays and dipping in the pool? Don’t forget summer cookouts, family reunions, and a big July 4th. (Who doesn’t love a good fireworks show?!)


Or are you like me and have absolutely no idea?
Never fear, I have inspiration for you.


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To your health!

If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything.

Take your medicine!

Don’t forget your vitamins!

Go natural/organic!


We hear and see so much regarding our health. Understandably so as health is important as we need to have healthy bodies to keep up with our lives. You go try running a marathon with the flu.

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When you hear about healthy goals, are you excited about the subject or like me, do you cringe and would rather hide? There’s all kinds of speculations, perceptions, inspiration and motivation, diet plans and so on about what is healthy and “guides” on how to achieve such. In this edition of Goals – Be Healthy, Wealthy and Wise (Part 2 of 9), we’re going to discuss the healthy part. If you’re looking for the newest diet plan fad or a step by step to achieve the body you want,

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Welcome back! Are you ready for more? In this part, I show you other places in Charleston well worth the visit along with more food and drink options.



Day 3 – Mount Pleasant


Welcome to day 3. Today we’re heading away from the downtown peninsula and driving over the Arthur Ravenel Bridge, replacing the 2 Cooper River Bridges and opened in 2005. 

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Oh Charleston… or also known as “Chal-ston” for the deep Southerners. History and Beauty run here rampant. Throw in some food and drinks and trips to the beach, why would you want to live anywhere else? Sure we can get hot here, but that’s alright, we got plenty to do to keep you busy to take your mind off that heat.


We got so much to do here that we haven’t been awarded as a top destination city for nothing.

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