Can you believe we’re already halfway through January 2020? Weren’t we JUST watching the ball drop and celebrating a new year is here? This week was mostly about work (my full time job and Ubereats) and the stress regarding work was mostly about obtaining hours this week and the upcoming week.  Even as a little stressful it was for me, I’m still in the practice of trying to find the silver lining in things. In no particular order,

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Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads out there! There are so many forms of Dads but today is the day that we honor you!


Today I want to shoutout my Dad on this Happy Father’s Day… This man is simply incredible


• Definition of the most hardworking person I know – this man will work from sunup to sundown and get the job done and get the job done RIGHT. He doesn’t quit until the job is done or until he literally can not do it anymore (physical based or knowledge based).
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Hi everyone! What a month September has been, am I right?!

  • Everyone is officially back to school
  • The unofficial end of summer aka. Labor Day
  • Hurricane Florence hitting North Carolina but affecting South Carolina and Virginia {and word is the remnants are possibly coming back around for a re-run)
  • Fall is officially here (YES! My FAVE season)
  • My dad had an earlier wreck in the month (see week 2 of the gratitude lists for the pic)
  • I’m still learning in my additional role at work

Needless to say,

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Happy July 4th to everyone in the States. Today we celebrate America and it’s freedom. We celebrate with food, music, family and friends and end the night with beautiful bright fireworks in the sky.

There’s all kinds of ways to celebrate July 4th, whether you’re with family or friends, if you’re at a party, if you’re going solo or if you have to work (thank you to all of our Police, Fire, EMS,

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Happy First Day of Summer everyone! It’s officially here! Today marks the LONGEST day of the year and the beginning of the fun in the sun days. Graduations are over, school is out and it’s hot, hot, hot! Here in Charleston, we’ve been in the upper 80s  to high 90s since before Memorial Day in May, but these past 2 days have had heat indexes of about 107 – 110.

Usually I create a Summer schedule with each day having its own theme (check out last year’s Summer post here) but this year I’ve picked out 100 activities of my own creation/thoughts (there are SO many bucket lists on Pinterest).

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