First Day of Fall
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Happy First day of Fall!

Who else is so excited that Fall is now here?!

Fall is DEFINITELY my fave season – cooler weather, the smells of spices and harvests, bonfires, sweaters, scarves and boots, s’mores, crisp and colorful change of leaves, open windows, candles, and wax melts burning, longer walks… I could go on forever.

Fall can be a bittersweet thing. The year is beginning to end, we’re heading to into the last quarter of the year, the newness of the year has waned, the blossoms of Spring have come and gone, the passions of Summer have fizzled out and now we’re in the time of harvesting what we’ve experienced this year. Reaping what we’ve sown (or lack thereof) can be a toll depending on how the year has played out so far. Winter itself can be a season of great reflection and community or a season of regrets of experiences missed out on.

Even though the year may be coming closer and closer to the end, it’s not too late to live a passionate and purposeful life. What is it that you wanted to accomplish from the beginning of the year? It’s not too late to start or start back up. Did you lose track or lose motivation? Let the blessings of the season renew your mind, heart and soul.


I’m a few days late on my mid week gratitude check in. Earlier this week, my poor 94 Camry’s engine gave out and I don’t have another $1000 to put an engine into it + the time to do that. It’s been a very…interesting… week. However, it’s worked out as best as it could. I haven’t had to call out of work and a friend is willing to sell me their car and the part needed is on it’s way. Just have to be patient. By the grace of God and by family, friends and coworkers’ generosity, I have rides to and from work up til next Saturday, and hopefully the new car will be ready by next weekend. It’s a safer car than what’ve I’ve been driving.


Without further ado, here’s this week’s gratitude list.
Since I’m doing one so late, I will not be doing a Sunday Roundup Gratitude list.


1) Today is the First day of Fall! Goodbye Summer!
2) Fall Candles & Wax Melts
3) Fall decoration – already started to decorate our home
4) Cooler weather at nights
5) Pumpkin Spice flavored things are popping up
6) Was looking for something else and I found my scarves in all kinds of colors (with my job, I can wear what I want business casual, so I can actually wear scarves without it “going against the uniform” like from past jobs)
7) Some trees are already beginning to change colors
8) Driving with the windows down
9) Able to leave the AC warmer instead of keeping it cool to combat Charleston Summers
10) Despite the engine deader than dead, I didn’t break down anywhere and I was safe at my own home
11) Work has been very accommodating with everything
12) My coworkers are amazing and have been helping as much as they can
13) Family and friends have offered and/or agreed to rides to get me through
14) I had cash on hand (rare occurrence) to be able to pay for some gas
15) I’ll be able to get the 3/4 to full tank of gas I have in my car currently out (yay for $27 saved and able to put into the new car!)
16) I was able to attend the Scottish Highland Games before the car died
17) Despite missing out tonight on a double feature of Beauty and the Beast (animated and live) on the BIG screen outside, I have both copies on Blu-Ray (hence what’s in the background now haha. You can never go wrong with “Be Our Guest” an ironically I work in reservations at a golf resort haha)
18) I had done errands/grocery shopping the day before the car quit so I have everything that I needed
19) Smell of freshly cut grass
20) Raspberry Zingers (Hostess cakes)
21) Slim Jims Double pack – one for me and one for babe = win!
22) Did I mention that it was the first day of Fall? Lol
23) Redd’s Wicked Mango and Wicked Black Cherry – they’re taller and 8% and pretty freakin’ delicious
24) Found very cute Halloween stickers (200 stickers for $1, so I picked up 2 different kinds haha)
25) Bath & Body Works had my guys favorite scent from there on sale so we were able to get 4 bottles for the price of 2!
26) Dollar Tree had everything I wanted to get and then some! Gotta love Dollar Tree Wins.
27) Found Seasons 1-4 of the original Bewitched on Dvd for $3 and $5 each at a local used bookstore. Hello!
28) Found a book at same used bookstore that I’ve been looking for awhile now – A) got it for $1, B) it was in great condition C) Ironically it came from the bookstore I used to work at with all the stickers. There’s a good chance I’ve physically have had this book in my hands 6 years ago.
29) Got new batteries recently and put them in my color changing LED flameless candles. It’s been nice to watch the different colors change (16 colors in total) and lure me to sleep
30) Putting my 100 pack tea light candles to good use lately! It was a steal for $4!


What are you grateful for this week?


Share below or share the good news on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook with me. You can find me @cresmoonstars and use the hashtag #letshinebrightogether.


Have a great 1st day of Fall and a great weekend!



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