Hello everyone! Can you believe January is halfway over? Where did it go?! It’s that time again for another edition of Shining Moments –  weekly gratitude awareness and reflection.

This week was more of a struggle for me, felt like I was on an emotional roller coaster all week.
#Honestycheck:  You know it gets rough when you’re crying while eating pizza at the same time.


Shining Moments

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Hi everyone! I hope that you’ve had a good week and a great weekend. I’m currently working today for my full time job, but I have some breaks in between (I’m currently writing this at the airport, improvising!!!). It’s that time again for Shining Moments, a weekly gratitude/awareness post.

Note: Since I’m at the airport and am writing this on the fly, I don’t have the pictures I wanted to attach for this week.

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I hope that everyone is having an amazing start to 2019.

It’s almost always bittersweet to see a year end and become nostalgic, but also eager for new adventures for an upcoming year. Work was quiet and I focused on getting things cleaned out of my desk (ALL the paper, I think we can all relate haha) and working on year end stuff for the accounting department. Christmas was nice and the last few days of 2018 just WHIZZED right on through!

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I hope that everyone has had a great start to the New Year! It’s already Day 5, can you believe it?!

One of my goals is re-committing to writing blog posts again. I got wrapped up in personal things and I’ve been able to get some things finished up and other things off of my mind, so I’m ready to get focused on my Yearly Word: Roots.

This might sound like an odd word,

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Hi everyone! What a month September has been, am I right?!

  • Everyone is officially back to school
  • The unofficial end of summer aka. Labor Day
  • Hurricane Florence hitting North Carolina but affecting South Carolina and Virginia {and word is the remnants are possibly coming back around for a re-run)
  • Fall is officially here (YES! My FAVE season)
  • My dad had an earlier wreck in the month (see week 2 of the gratitude lists for the pic)
  • I’m still learning in my additional role at work

Needless to say,

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