Happy weekend everyone! Hope that your week, your January and your 2020 is going your way. This week was a little rough, lots of changes that happened. The biggest thing that happened this week was that I got into an accident. Cars were stopping and I feel the car in front of me stopped extremely quick and I unfortunately rear-ended her. Of course, this automatically makes me at fault – my 1st accident that I contributed in 17 years of driving (I’ve been driving since Sophmore year with Driver’s Ed in 2003) + it also was the 1st time I’ve had an airbag go off.

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How is your January going?

I originally wrote this post for the holidays, but really this can be applied all year long! This week is about some food choice options to consider to see if they match up with your fitness goals.

Enjoy, but don’t indulge:

There’s magic and loved baked into some of the awesome dishes, recipes and especially for those special holiday plates and treats. Don’t skip out and miss something you enjoy!

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Can you believe we’re already halfway through January 2020? Weren’t we JUST watching the ball drop and celebrating a new year is here? This week was mostly about work (my full time job and Ubereats) and the stress regarding work was mostly about obtaining hours this week and the upcoming week.  Even as a little stressful it was for me, I’m still in the practice of trying to find the silver lining in things. In no particular order,

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Can you believe we’re already halfway through January?!  I know that you have been killing it! To help motivate you to keep on slaying, this week I want to talk about the Power of Movement.

Give me the Power…

You’re always hearing about why it’s so important to move, move, move, but really… what’s so special about moving? I think these are all pretty good reasons:

  • Moving is physically stretching your muscles vs your body all lethargic and cramped up
  • More exercise = more oxygen to your body = your body being able to function better
  • You’ll live longer and age better – yay!

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Hello everyone!

I hope that your start to 2020 has been good despite some of the things happening in the world – Australia’s wildfires, Puerto Rico’s earthquakes, the questioning of will there be [pending] war between USA and Iran, the Taal volcano in the Philippines has erupted, and other business still pending from 2019. I myself just got over a sinus infection that I’m sure turned into Upper Respiratory infection back into a sinus infection and finally kicked out after 2 weeks.

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