Life has a funny way of presenting things to us, doesn’t it? One of my biggest hurdles lately is feeling that I’m not contributing too much and not being the type of influencer that I dream to be. Anybody there with me? In attempts to make inspirational words flow, I put on a movie in the background hoping that it would keep me focused enough to write. Ironically, the movie I put in for background became my reason to write and gained some clarity at the same time: Beauty and the Beast.

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Hello everyone, I hope that you had a great past week! It’s that time again for Shining Moments, a weekly roundup of gratitude, awesomeness and reflection.


Moments of Happiness and Gratitude

Able to help swap out dollars for quarters for the guy struggling at the meters

Made lots of money for UberEats during Cinco De Mayo Weekend

Some books I ordered came in, some of those finished a series collection

Sonic’s Oreo Caramel milkshake

My cousin graduated from her college with a double major

Getting to be apart of her special day and taking photos

The post party was so much fun

My cousin and I won a game of cornhole

Angry orchard rose

Impromptu dinner/date with babe at Bushido’s (Japanese)

Tempura Shrimp,

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Happy May and welcome to this month’s edition of Reaching for the Stars!

Where has the year gone? We’re already almost halfway there! It seems that FINALLY the US is getting Spring weather. While certainly not nearwhere as cold at the Midwest & Northeast, our weather here in Charleston has been all topsy – turvey.  Only in the South can you be freezing in the morning  & wrapped up in scarves and by lunch time the AC is on and we’re all trying to de-layer.

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Who else is so excited that Fall is now here?!

Fall is DEFINITELY my fave season – cooler weather, the smells of spices and harvests, bonfires, sweaters, scarves and boots, s’mores, crisp and colorful change of leaves, open windows, candles, and wax melts burning, longer walks… I could go on forever.

Fall can be a bittersweet thing. The year is beginning to end, we’re heading to into the last quarter of the year,

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Happy Thursday everyone! I’m a day late doing a mid week gratitude check in, but I just got back in town yesterday. With Hurricane Irma doing very weird things and also being a family member’s birthday, we ended up going out of town to evacuate just in case and also to celebrate a birthday. Literal Hurricane/birthday party haha. Lots of emotions this week, but I am grateful for this experience. Without further ado, here is this week’s mid week gratitude check in…

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