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Shining Moments – January 1st to 11th, 2020

Hello everyone!

I hope that your start to 2020 has been good despite some of the things happening in the world – Australia’s wildfires, Puerto Rico’s earthquakes, the questioning of will there be [pending] war between USA and Iran, the Taal volcano in the Philippines has erupted, and other business still pending from 2019. I myself just got over a sinus infection that I’m sure turned into Upper Respiratory infection back into a sinus infection and finally kicked out after 2 weeks. It’s been an…interesting…start to 2020 so far. Roaring 20’s indeed…

Among the insanity of our lives and of the world, I feel that it is even more important to take on the mindset of gratitude. What is here today may not be here tomorrow and in this chaos, keeping gratitude might just save ourselves from despair. It is one of my goals (and hopefully might become one of yours) to write down an ongoing gratitude list again for 2020. I started this last year with very hit and miss, but that’s ok. While I may not have written it down always, I tried to keep a mental list and sometimes that’s what got me through some depressing and/or worried-scared times. This year, I’m keeping it simple – just writing it down in a notebook. No expensive planner/journal, no fancy washi tape or stickers (unless I feel the urge to), no color coordination – just a good old fashioned list. Sometimes (myself included), we get this vision of all fancied up and do the project, it looks glorious and then we “set it and forget it!” I’m a fan of Passion Planners and some of the spreads are amazing (and I’ve done some fun works too for monthly themes), but if I don’t write in it, what’s the point? I had this beautiful planner and ended up spending more time decorating it then using it. (This is NOT a statement about the usability of Passion Planners, I LOVE THEM and I’m totally adoring their new Daily option – you can also do the free download option of their dated, undated and daily options too).

So, this year’s gratitude lists will be simple. Also in doing this simple method, it will allow me to share my weekly Shining Moments posts for you to read! There have been weeks where I sit down to write and my brain just couldn’t think of anything (or would repeat things from the previous week or on those BAD weeks “I’m still breathing?”).ย  This year has been to a rough start + I was sick for the first week of it, this particular post is going to be the 1st two weeks of 2020 and I’ll continue to keep up weekly from there. Without further ado, here’s so far:

Shining Moments (Dec 27- 4th)

– Got to enjoy New Year’s Eve (drove with UberEats for a little bit), watched the ball drop with someone I care about

– I was off the 1st day of the year AND got paid for it (woot holiday pay!)

– The coughing lessened and I could breathe better. Tasting became a luxury again

– I was able to pick up shifts at my FT job (my job is more of a seasonal job so half the year I have to pick up shifts in other departments)

– Went to the doctor (I had been sick for 9 days at this point – enough was enough) – I figured I would need a Z Pack, but he said that I was clear in the lungs (so no bronchitis or pneumonia!), the suggested some major rest and keep on the OTC (over the counter) medicine that I was already – gave me a paper prescription for an antibotic to try in 2 days if I didn’t make improvements. Despite the upcoming $30 copay bill I’ll have to pay, A) I know that no bronchitis and no pneumonia despite how my chest felt and B) I didn’t have to pay it that day – I’ll get a bill in the mail.

– Didn’t have to use the prescription, so there was some money saved there

– I sent out an email to my upcoming new boss at the new job {that I’ve basically tentatively accepted for – we are pending ownership’s decision of start date since right now) to wish her a happy new year, follow up and while the meeting with ownership (and to get the date) hasn’t happened yet, we’re still on track and still ready for me to come on board soon. SO excited about this new opportunity – new challenges/adventure, $3 more an hour, what is now 1 way to work will become my total day’s work commute (27 miles round trip vs the current 52 miles round trip), I’ll be a Sales Coordinator (something I’ve been trying to achieve for YEARS) and I will be helping to run TWO hotels as said Sales Coordinator (both have different markets so I have great experiences and learning coming up!)


Shining Moments (Jan 5th – 11th)

– Despite the hotel closed for its annual cleaning, my vacation time (10 days) was renewed/restarted over for 2020 so I had some days I could use (and get paid) vs having no shifts

-Since I was able to pick up some shifts in my home department, I only had to use 2 of those days vs 4 days

– Watched Seacoast Church online (since I was still sick that morning) and we started a new series called Give Us This Day (geared around The Lord’s Prayer)

– Felt ok enough after the weekend and a good night’s sleep to go back to The Hope Project – I tried it out mid-November and have enjoyed it so I go when I am able to. I tried a new group out and the ladies were so nice.

– I worked 14.5 hours (8:30am to 11pm) at our local airport to greet guests in baggage claims and walk them to their car to go to Kiawah. I had forgotten that Thursdays and Sundays were when the Therapy dogs come to visit and make anxious flyers happy and at ease. As I’ve greeted on those days before, I’ve seen a few, but I saw SEVEN THERAPY DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SEVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All good girls and boi’s. Check out my Instagram posts here, here, here and here to see the full pictures. Here’s the quick pic version:

Pictures of 7 therapy dogs
From top row to bottom, left to right: ? (Papillion), Ben (Aussie Shepherd), Boomer (Spaniel), Tank (Golden Retriever), Lucy (?), Scampi (Labradoodle) and Sullivan (Golden Retriever)

– 3 of them have their own cards. Dogs have cards! And I am collecting them!!! My 7 year old self would be so proud of my almost 32 year old self!

– As you can tell, this TOTALLY made my day and even **I** was less anxious working a 14.5 hour day

– Despite being sick, I have still been able to UberEats and make enough money to pay rent and bills and keep going


So, many things on my list for the past 2 weeks may seem simple, but isn’t simple what we usually strive for? Isn’t the saying “It’s the simple things that mean the most” all too true? For that day at the airport, I got to touch, love on and get loved back on by simply petting 7 dogs. But I tell you what, it made my heart glow all day.

It is my wish that 2020 (and the entire 20s decade!) is filled with good-hearted, passionate, generous filled, easy-going simplicity. We tend to overcomplicate our lives – sometimes our ambitions get in the way, sometimes our passions can light things on fire when we over-do it, our visions are full of grandeur and complexity. I’m not saying Marie Kondo your life, but I urge you to take the time to be simple about the actions you take and the words you use. Let this year be full of simplicity and generosity.

Let’s all shine bright together…

Love Jenn, Crescent Moon & Stars

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