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Shining Moments – May 2018 (Week 4)

Hello everyone, I hope that you had another great week! It’s that time again for Shining Moments, a weekly roundup of gratitude, awesomeness and reflection.


Had not just 1, but 2 guys help me with my car – had a headlight go out and since this car is still so new to me, I had no idea what I was doing lol. Just when I thought I was going to have to call Dad, 2 different guys came and helped me. So thankful

At our apartment laundry complex, a woman approached me, saying that she had an odd question to ask. Her daughter’s bike needed air, but the air pump at the gas station she went to didn’t work. I told her to hold on and I checked to see if we had our hand air pump. I did, but it was a small one and took too long. While we were trying to get it to work, we had a great conversation and a family member of hers came by and they were able to get it worked out at a different pump.

While it was a coworkers’ last day recently, I got to work on the same day with her and was able to surprise her with a little gift

The ease of fast food places when you JUST DONT have the energy to cook
(Thank you Burger King and Taco Bell, your food was delicious)

Getting to watch the Royal Wedding of Harry & Meghan. Princess Diana is one of my role models and I watched William’s & Kate’s wedding those years ago, so it’s cool that I get to watch her other son Harry’s wedding in my lifetime.

Thankful for tv/broadcasts/satellites like PBS so that I can watch said weddings

My Ulla drink reminder – while the flashing can be annoying sometimes, it does help me to drink more often.

Thankful the for Housekeeping team at work, they clean our offices/bathrooms and I appreciate their hard ninja work

Beautiful and BIG flowers

The repeat function on DVD/Blu-Ray players, especially at night instead of having to restart in the middle of the night

Mini interview at work went well, great conversation – have 3 great opportunities to think over


The flowers that I bought from Lowes are thriving VERY well

Babe’s laptop died and I found a new one just like his but a smaller size for $147 less than 24 hours of finding out. Some things are just meant to be 🙂

Some more books that I ordered came in – found the 52 Lists and 52 Lists of Happiness Journals – still deciding to start them now or hold off a little

My old laptop still apparently works (has a minor cracked screen), so I was able to finish getting things onto an external hard drive

I have the weekend off (Sat, Sun, Mon)

Able to participate in a Wed. night Twitter Chat that I usually miss due to work


Weekly Reflection

This week’s reflection is two – fold.

Earlier in the week, unbeknown to me, I had a headlight out. Luckily I had stopped off somewhere and parked in front of a glass window and saw my car’s reflection. While a huge bummer, Walmart was just a short distance away. Of course, I called Dad (he is a mechanic) and asked for advice, especially since this was a new car.  If it had been the Camry, I definitely could have done it no problem. At first look at everything Dad was pulling up, it might have to go to my dealership or wait for someone else (like his profession) to do it, but luckily it was just a pull and twist, snap back in and twist back in. So I was mentally preparing to do this by myself under a street lamp at Walmart in the dark with just my cellphone flashlight to guide me (my main one was in the purse back at home, imagine that). As I am trying to get to the area to pull the headlight out, a guy walks up and it like “Are you ok?” I told him yes and what I was trying to do. He pulls out his mini flashlight, reaches in and within about 5 seconds, I had the burnt bulb in my hand. Didn’t ask, he just did it and after thanking him, walked away. Thank you Awesome Dude # 1.

So I go in and buy a new bulb, now more confident since I know where it’s supposed to be now, but still a little hesitant because you can’t get any oil from your hands on the bulb. I bought a small pack of gloves, but still wrestling with putting things back together (don’t we all have that issue – easy to take apart, hard to put back together). After about 5 minutes of struggling to get the bulb to snap back in AND go back in (I thought it was on snuggly and almost dropped the bulb putting it back in), another guy came up to me to ask if I was ok. Same deal, he helped me (struggled himself, so I felt an itsy bit better about myself) and he was able to get it to stay where it needed to be. You are equally amazing Awesome Dude # 2. Totally a sigh of relief and #FaithInHumanityRestored sort of moment. Thanks also to Mom and Dad + YouTube.


The second reflection this week was the same topic but with different people and their perspective on things. I had a mini interview and now I have 3 different positions to look over for a transfer. Wow, walk in to discuss one and mention 2 others and the conversation was great haha. My company is so large and offers so many opportunities to keep growing and learning and I think I’m finally ready to step out of my comfort zone to be able to expand my horizon and tackle on some new challenges.


How was your week? Did you have any pleasant (or not so pleasant) surprises this week? Any #FaithInHumanityRestored moments? In what you do (work-related or not), do you ever go outside of your comfort zones (required to or by choice?) How do you push yourself to those boundaries?

Share below in the comments or find Crescent Moon & Stars (@cresmoonstars) on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. I’d love to hear your answers. Don’t forget to use #letshinebrightogether


Have a great rest of your week!

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