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Shining Moments : April 28th – May 4th

Happy May everyone! Seriously, where has this year gone?! We’re already 5/12 months into the year. At least Spring is definitely here and has decided to stay so I am very grateful for that (it’s even already gotten into the low to mid 80s here – should be an interesting Summer temperature wise).ย  Let’s keep on going with the gratitude list, it’s time for the first installment of May’s Shining Moments.


If you weren’t aware, May 4th is basically National Star Wars Day: “May the Fourth Be With You” (Get it? “May the Force with You”) I noticed we were missing several of our Star Wars movies (could only find 1-3 and 5). I’m more of a fan of the original trilogy (4-6, but I do love Phantom Menace, fight me) and they have both original and newer trilogies in their own respective sets. Of course, I could only find the newer trilogy set, BUT I found a set of the 6 movies (not counting the stand alone movies [Rogue One, Solo] and not the newest trilogy – Force Awakens, Last Jedi and [the not out yet] Rise of Skywalker) + had a reward points certificate at Best Buy + they even matched the Amazon price that I found, so I got it even cheaper! WIN! Now where did I put my lightsaber down…

There’s an oak tree near me that was lit up during Christmas, but while driving past while on a few different UberEats deliveries lately, I noticed that is lit again!!!!!!!!! Of course with LED lights it’s hard to capture, but the glow is SO pretty!!!

LED Oak Tree - May's Shining Moments

My Aunt & Uncle are on an awesome trip in Tennessee and are having a great time. The pics they are posting are amazing

One of the restaurants where I pickup UberEats saw that I was having a rough night so I got a free scoop of ice cream – hello White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle

Icecream - May's Shining Moments


Spent a lot of time with the cousins & kitty cuddles!

Got to work a little earlier than expected so I stopped off at the gas station near by, picked up a plain sausage biscuit and some potato wedges and got this MONSTER potato wedge. No joke, it is literally from the tip of my middle finger to my wrist

MONSTER Potato Wedge - May's Shining Moments


Took my cousins to work the other day and I got to hang out with one of them before she had to head into work. I got a nice parking spot and a little exercise getting to the park and we had a nice time sitting with the breeze coming off the harbor and watching the seagulls. One has been dubbed Tom, the other Lucinda.

Tom the Seagull - May's Shining Moments


LeVar Burton (Reading Rainbow, Star Trek: The Next Generation) is on the Calm app (which I totally love by the way – available on Google Play and the Apple Store, especially since I treated myself to the paid [annual] edition. Note: the free edition is still good, but you get the daily mediations, music, guided stretches and MANY MORE sleep stories with the paid version), but he also has a podcast called LeVar Burton Reads where he reads adult books! It’s practically Reading Rainbow upgraded for adults! It can be found on Spotify, Stitcher and Apple Podcasts. YES, YES, YES!!!


I don’t have a reflection thought for this week, but I am interested in know what May plans you have so far (or if any!). Comment below or find me (and use the hashtag #letshinebrightogether) on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest so I can see all of your beautiful things!

Let’s have a beautiful month of May (I can’t wait to see your May’s Shining Moments) and as always, let’s shine bright together!

Love Jenn, Crescent Moon & Stars

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