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Gratitude Dare

It’s November and I’m sure you’re seeing a lot of “being grateful” posts. Gratitude is a big thing! It may seem so small and trivial, but being in that mindset takes time to become a habit. It simply doesn’t happen over night!

One of my blogging BFFs, Wendy over The Gratefulist, totally has it down and her recent emails have been totally inspiring! Check out her 2 recent  posts about 6 mistakes you might be making while practicing gratitude (and how to avoid them) and  6 alternatives to writing a gratitude list (for when gratitude is not just your thing). These are definitely ones to save!


So the creative juices starting flowing for things I’m grateful for and the Gratitude Dare was born.  I know that I’m struggling with having a grateful heart and mindset. I wanted to have different prompts than most of your usual ideas (family, friends, spouse, etc) and I have the next 30 days totally planned out for you! All you need to do is take 5-10 minutes each day with each prompt and figure out:

Why are you grateful for __________?
What kind(s) of feeling(s) do you get from ____________?
Is this something that is random or an everyday thing? If it’s not an everyday thing, how can you make ______________ it so?
How can you be more mindful of _____________?


More often than not, we always list what we’re grateful for, but we don’t always practice it, be mindful about it, or take time for deep thought for why we’re grateful. It’s all fine and dandy to write it down and list it out, but wouldn’t it mean more if you understood why you feel that way?


Without further ado, here’s the Gratitude Dare!


Gratitude Dare


1)  Fave holiday 
2) Fave movie
3) Fave food
4) Fave element
5) Fave season
6) Daylights Savings Time
7) Double Dip: Sunrise/Sunset +  Sun/Moon
8) Election Day
9) Where you live
10) Fave color
11) Double Dip: Veteran’s Day +   Thank Police/Fire/EMS/1st Responder
12) What has made you laugh  recently
13) Thank your tribe/community/bloggers/VAs/etc
14) What’s your biggest gift(s)/blessing(s) in your life?
15) Thank your barista
16) Thank your trash people  
17) Thank your fast food worker/server/bartender/bouncer/cab/delivery driver
18)  Douple Dip: Thank a teacher/mentor/leader + Thank a doctor and/or vet
19) Fave book 
20) Fave way to wind down
21) Thank coworkers
22) Thank family
23) Thank friends
24) Thanksgiving
25) Black Friday
26) Small Business Saturday
27) Fave exercise/workout
28) Cyber Monday
29) Giving Tuesday/fave charity/volunteer/personal
30) Accomplishment/overcame (month and/or lifetime)



Each day I’ll be sending out a daily reminder of the gratitude prompt for the day to everyone on my list. Make sure you sign up to get on that list! I can’t wait to see what you’re grateful for, how you celebrate that and the mindset that will change your life. Positivity is key to a better life and what’s a super easy and free way to do make your life brighter? I’ll be taking this journey right along side of you.  Sign up for the daily email reminders, tweet at me and showcase your gratitude on Instagram. You can find me at @cresmoonstars.


Shine bright

<3 Jenn


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