Happy first day of August! It’s time for this month’s edition of Reaching For the Stars,  a monthly goal post. ( Who can believe school is almost here?! )

Let’s recap July’s goals:

  1. Really sit with the planner as I am readjusting to new hours: 3:30pm – 12am 5x a week (8 hrs + 30 min break) instead of varying times of 10 hour shifts 4x a week (AND getting schedule a week in advance vs the whole month in advance)
  2. Revisit,

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Happy July 4th to everyone in the States. Today we celebrate America and it’s freedom. We celebrate with food, music, family and friends and end the night with beautiful bright fireworks in the sky.

There’s all kinds of ways to celebrate July 4th, whether you’re with family or friends, if you’re at a party, if you’re going solo or if you have to work (thank you to all of our Police, Fire, EMS,

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Happy first day of July! It’s time for this month’s edition of Reaching For the Stars,  a monthly goal post. ( Who can believe this year is halfway over?! )

I don’t know about you, but this Summer has already been hot, hot hot!!! I’m talking about 95 with heat indexes up to 110-115 and it was only JUNE. Usually August is our hottest month here in Charleston, but I think we’re gonna have a contest for which is the hottest season this year.

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Happy First Day of Summer everyone! It’s officially here! Today marks the LONGEST day of the year and the beginning of the fun in the sun days. Graduations are over, school is out and it’s hot, hot, hot! Here in Charleston, we’ve been in the upper 80s  to high 90s since before Memorial Day in May, but these past 2 days have had heat indexes of about 107 – 110.

Usually I create a Summer schedule with each day having its own theme (check out last year’s Summer post here) but this year I’ve picked out 100 activities of my own creation/thoughts (there are SO many bucket lists on Pinterest).

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Hello everyone, I hope that you had another great week! It’s that time again for Shining Moments, a weekly gratitude overview and reflection. This week’s reflection is on the lost art of Thank You cards but first, this week’s gratitude/awesomeness:


I got to spend time with my favorite two boys – we had a great time going to the park and playing bingo

My aunt and uncle are on a cruise for 5 days and the pictures they’ve uploaded are beautiful!

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