February is sure flying by (we’re halfway done already!) and there’s been changes & love in the air.

This week’s list may seem sorta small, but I was very occupied this week – finishing up a training manual (ended up being 146 pages + extra stuff copied off in an Appendix section), working all of the jobs, taking up an offer for a side job and taking up a babysitting job. This week was a complete whirlwind,

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Happy February! January is come and gone (good riddance) and a brand new month is here. February sure has had an interesting start to the month, so without further ado (and as always, in no particular order), here’s this week’s Shining Moments…

Shining Moments

– Working the new job and everyone has been so kind. The past few weeks have been a whirlwind and they have been so understanding and accommodating

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Happy February everyone! January went by quick enough (for me at least). My January saw some new changes, but February is going to have new experiences and new adventures. Add in Valentine’s Day and my Birthday,  this month is gonna be packed!

Here’s this past week’s moments:

Shining moments

– I started working at my new job this week – I am now a Dual Sales Coordinator for 2 Marriott branded hotels.

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How about that, January is almost over! Where did the month go?!

This week is about how to use the cooking utensils and appliances that you use or have access to. We have kitchens and break areas full of items and appliances, but we probably don’t use them as often as we could. I know for me, I have very little time to try to cook (and I’m only cooking for 1 or 2).

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Happy weekend everyone! Hope that your week, your January and your 2020 is going your way. This week was a little rough, lots of changes that happened. The biggest thing that happened this week was that I got into an accident. Cars were stopping and I feel the car in front of me stopped extremely quick and I unfortunately rear-ended her. Of course, this automatically makes me at fault – my 1st accident that I contributed in 17 years of driving (I’ve been driving since Sophmore year with Driver’s Ed in 2003) + it also was the 1st time I’ve had an airbag go off.

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