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Shining Moments March 29th – April 4th, 2020

We FINALLY made it to APRIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Was this March the longest or what? I’ve been focusing on what work I can get from the regularly scheduled full-time position and from UberEats. This post is smaller than usual, but there were still good moments!

**I had some more computer issues – yay for mandatory, we’re-doing-this-NOW-you-have-no-option Windows updates haha**


Shining Moments

– Still able to work and get 20-25 hours

– Still able to work UberEats and 99% of everyone is really nice or expressing thanks and gratitude. My tips have been pretty generous too! Friday was a VERY good night!

– Saw some very adorable (very hard to resist touching!) dogs and cats while out on deliveries. One dog wouldn’t let me leave until I petted it and the owner gave me permission to pet

– Got some nice mailย  (see Progress on 32 Things section)

– Was able to spend an itty bit of time with my guy 2x this week

– My “unemployment” account was FINALLY set up to be able to make up for the hours I’m losing out on. I was encouraged to do so and I’m glad I did it when I did because it took an hour just to get an account set up due to the website being overloaded. Hopefully, I’ll get a response soon!

– I didn’t get to see her because all of this COVID crap, but Mom had another we-don’t-talk-about-it day (aka birthday).ย  Love you Mom!

– I was able to get deferred payments for some of my credit cards and loans

– There was an “inclement” weather day that had us under a tornado watch – beyond a little bit of wind, it was a very nice and needed cooling rain

– Not sure why (but not arguing!) my nails are growing out again. I haven’t had nails this long in awhile. I’m nervous they’re going to crack, but I’ve been taking supplements to keep up the progress


Progress on 32 Things
*For the full list, check out my birthday post 32 Birthdays and 32 Things*

I realize that most of my list is going somewhere and doing a thing, but everything is pretty much closed until an unknown time! Since I had a little bit of money, I am happy to say that I signed up to cross offย  #5 – “Sign up to be registered under Clan Bell North America (Scottish Clan)” I got my official certificate, some history and a magnetic decal in the mail.



Keep washing your hands.

Don’t sneeze or cough in anyone’s face.

Remember: it’s NOT your job or place to judge someone for wearing/not wearing a mask, if they are still working or not (you may not consider them essential, but again, not your place), or if you see someone go out or come back with items you may not deem essential. We are all doing our best to keep our sanity and a resemblance of life going. If you mind your own business, I’m sure your peace will greatly improve.

A BIG thank you to our medical, law enforcement, fire, first responders, dispatchers, grocery stores, retail (that is allowed to still be open), restaurants/food trucks, delivery workers (food, supplies), shipping providers (Amazon, FedEx, UPS, etc), ALL truck drivers, hotel workers, and many others. YOU are greatly appreciated and valued!

Continue #letspreadjoynotgerms


Let’s shine bright together…

Love Jenn, Crescent Moon & Stars

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