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Shining Moments April 26th – May 2nd, 2020

Goodbye April and Hello May! Wow, what a month! It certainly flew by – seems the even numbered months pass by while the odd numbered draaaaaaaaaaag on. I’m sure on Thursday/Friday you saw the [still funny] obligatory Justin Timberlake “It’s gonna be May” memes. It’s a tradition…

{I’m also looking at you May 4th for May the Fourth Be with You}


Shining Moments

– Still working (considered an essential) at the hotel

– I only went out Sunday this week for various reasons, but it was a VERY good night

I recently started to carry dog treats with me on my UberEats runs and I was able to give a treat to a basset hound named Bo

– Got my free certificate in Hospitality & Tourism Managementย from Florida Atlantic University (FAU)College of Business

– Tax money arrived! Double points for A) not owing this year (owed $642 last year) and B)ย  money in the bank account. Stimulus check should be arriving soon *crosses fingers*

– With said tax money, rent is covered AND got 2 new tires (desperately needed) AND an oil change (also desperately needed). Look at me adulting!

– My boss and family closed on their house recently and this week was moving week (so excited for them) so I got to see her black Scottish terrier Cooper. He also got a treat from me because he was such a good boy (and too adorable)

– We also have a german shepherd at the hotel and he is also adorable and equally well-behaved

– Amazingly good Club Sandwich ($7 lunch special) – got Mac n Cheese as my side and added a Loaded Baked Potato from O’Charley’s

– Surprisingly delicious wings (fried and BBQ) from Food Lion



Progress on 32 Things
*For the full list, check out my birthday post 32 Birthdays and 32 Things*

– Read Iron Kissed from Patricia Briggs (this puts me 4 books completed out of 12 – 1 per month)

– Crossed off 2 icecream (this puts me 4 different flavors out of 32 for the year)




I had my moment of reflection that randomly showed up Friday evening. I shared those thoughts on Facebook, so I will post what I wrote here:

{Also included on the original post is a picture of my 4 new certifcates}

I’ve been trying to keep track of everyone via FB or Texts. I know that time zones and some of us are still working, others laid off/furloughed. Here’s an update in case you’ve been wondering…
I’m still working, roughly 20-25 hrs at the hotel (not Kiawah), shifts are mostly front desk with a few in sales (my normal job). Still also doing UberEats at nights (usually thurs – sun unless I’ve had a bill come up).
In between the slowness of the hotel and the hours I find myself not doing something where I get $ for it, I’ve been doing certifications. From 4/16-4/29, I’ve accomplished 4 certificates, gratefully all free. I have 5 more certificates to accomplish + 1 more that is an online review “course” for an exam I am not qualified to take (its like a GM level course) but the knowledge is good. All within 6o days and also gratefully free too.
This isn’t a post for me to brag – this is a post about looking as positive as possible, with the time we have, with the resources and people still out there. Find and excel in them.
– Take up that new hobby, read allll those books on your shelf (I know you have them…)
– Whip up something different (or if $ is tight, try a different spin – perhaps bake it vs fry it, try a new sauce instead of your to go)
– Whip some a past time favorite (I’m looking at you grilled cheese)
– Go on a longer walk and/or a different route (even if you do a backwards circle vs your usual route!)
– Cherish all the good things you see/hear/smell/taste/touch
-Pet. All. The. Dogs. (if the owner says OK)
-Cuddle. All. The. Cats. (ditto)
– Clean your physical space – no clutter to trip over = no unnecessary trips to doctor/ER)
– If you choose to do food that you don’t cook and if it won’t put you out financially – consider your favorite restaurants/food delivery partners. Many restaurants are open in some capacity with limited hours. Support them if all possible
– Try a new restaurant – you might find a new favorite!
– If the weather allows, go wash your car (take your allergy pill 1st). Most of the pollen seems to be moderate this year? I have little pollen build up on my car. Go get sudsy and wet and have fun.
– Take as many pictures as possible – silly stuff, fun stuff, nature, animals, people. Just take the picture. If you have a decent zoom, don’t forget you can enjoy far away. However, if you don’t have a decent zoom, crop it to where you want it
If you weren’t aware, my “catch phrase” for my blog (Crescent Moon & Stars) is “let’s shine bright together.” Sure, 2020 has been a shit storm (virus or no virus). Yes, it looks dark and bleak and sucks and no fun and mind numbingly stressful – I could go on and on with adjectives. But my catch phrase has real merit to it.
Stars are only visible to the human eye at night. The moon (generally) is visible half way to full during the day but it best seen and cherished at night. If the stars and moon can shine in the brightness, why can’t you too? Candles are also best seen in the darker areas. Something you may not know (and I’ve tried it, mind blowing) – a flame in the dark produces no shadow (a candle holder might reflect the light and it seems like shadows). My last thing I would like you to keep in mind – imagine you are in a darker area or a tunnel and there is a very distinct ray of light. If you are facing towards the light, you can’t see the darkness or the shadows behind you can you?
Thanks for coming to Jenn Talk.


Wishing you an amazing week ahead and a beautiful month of May. I know that May is typically a month of closure and celebrations, but we all will just have to be a little more creative this year!

Let’s all shine bright together…

Love Jenn, Crescent Moon & Stars

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