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Shining Moments April 19th – 25th, 2020

April is almost wrapping up and I’m glad that it didn’t linger like March. I have kept myself busy by working what hours I can get at what is normally my full-time job (presently working about 20-25 hours), still doing UberEats deliveries and some continuing education.


Shining Moments

– Still working at the hotel – % has dropped, but we’re still maintaining

– Unfortunately, someone on the team was let go. I am sad for this, but the silver lining is there are some more hours for the team to share. I am grateful for the hours that my coworkers and I are able to share so that we can stay open and we all get some hours (vs 0-5 hours/week)

– Made one of my GMs laugh so hard – someone sneezed really loud in the lobby (like we could hear it in the back office). I was walking back to the desk and just stopped in my tracks, said “Nope” and apparently made a funny face and she started laughing so hard – which made me laugh too. She said, “I don’t know why it’s so funny, it just is.” I said, “Probably because of how I said it and because I’ve not been squeamish about all of this COVID crap, but that sneeze did something to me.” Which made her (and me) laugh harder

– Still working UberEats, Saturday was pretty decent

Watching 2 dogs in a car hanging out the back windows, one on each side and then would flip sides

– Seeing all the happy dogs out on walks

-While out on a delivery, there was a guy with teal colored drums, guitar, mic, and an amp jamming out for his neighbors. People were out enjoying the weather, (mostly) practicing social distancing

– While doing another delivery, I went over a bridge and a pelican flew alongside my car for a few moments

– Doing UberEats or not, this week had some really pretty sunsets

– MORE DOGS HANGING OUT OF WINDOWS. *squeals* My heart was so happy

– I send out a “Hey, I’m Jenn your UberEats driver. I am on my way to you now. See you soon!” with a smiley. One of my deliveries texted back: “Thank you Jennifer. Thank you for everything you do especially during this time. God bless you and keep you healthy and safe.

– Saw random fireworks

– Saturday night’s weather was near perfect – 73 with a decent amount of wind, but still felt amazing

– After I was done for Saturday night, I decided to go for a short drive with the windows down and music blaring. I felt that I embodied the “happy as a clam” phrase

– During some bad weather this week, I decided to stay home. I ended up typing up 4,000 words on a story idea and character map. Inspiration hits at the weirdest times!

–  During this time (even before the decision that we would be staying open/not furloughed), some form of continuing education was on my to-do list. I finished two free courses offered by the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA). I have one more free training that I’m hoping to finish. I’m not necessarily qualified to take it/take the official exam, but it’s free training that would be helpful/learn some knowledge. I have 90 days from when I signed up to complete it and this last one is the biggest time-consuming. You have til 4/30/2020 (THIS Thursday) to sign up, here’s the link to sign up for those 3 FREE courses)

– With one of those courses being completed, I am eligible to become a Certified Hotel Supervisor (CHS) – there are some requirements that I’m not 100% sure if I meet (since I am in Sales vs. Front Desk), but I am thinking about talking about it with my boss. It’s $100 and there’s an official exam I have to take. I think it would be cool to achieve if I can get permission from AHLA with my history/background/skills.

– Also on continuing education – I am about halfway through Florida Atlantic University (FAU)’s free offering of a certificate in Hospitality & Tourism Management. 77,000 people have registered and there are some still on a waiting list I believe. I have an Associates (Applied Science) in Hospitality & Tourism Management but come this May, it will be EIGHT years since I graduated from the Culinary Institute of Charleston/Trident Technical College!!!!!!!!!! EIGHT YEARS!!!! Where did the time go?!?!

Since it’s been that long, because was free and have a few hours between working at the hotel and doing UberEats, a good “refresher” was in order.  The segment that I’m now in a series of interviews with industry leaders in different facets of the hospitality & tourism industry. I already have some new insight and some new stirrings in my brain about continuing education ideas. 



Progress on 32 Things
*For the full list, check out my birthday post 32 Birthdays and 32 Things*

Cross off one (out of 32)  flavor of Ice Cream – it’s a small thing, but it still one thing towards the goal!

My plan this upcoming week is to read Iron Kissed by Patricia Briggs to continue the progress on that goal.




Enjoy the small things – dogs, good weather, good music, compliments from strangers, finished tasks, certificates of completions. We are all presently going through some crazy stuff – find the positive, happy-filled, enjoyable moments and soak them up!

Engage with strangers, coworkers, family and friends – don’t lose the personal connection. People matter so much.

Keep your brain going – do classes/take courses, look into continuing education (in your field or just a new skill somewhere else),  play games (even video games count!), read (paper or digital), do puzzles (jigsaw, brain, strategy, crossword, word search, sudoku, etc)

Take time for yourself – go for a walk, read your favorite author, write and/or journal, play your favorite game(s), love on some animals, do a bubble bath/bath bomb/shower steamer, do or make a face mask, play your favorite music – whatever makes you happy, do it!

Learn a new skill – Pinterest and Google will be more than happy to help you accomplish this! 

Simply become well rounded in the time that you have – some of us are still working, some are furloughed until estimated x time and others have been laid off/company closed completely. We live in a society that is work-work-work all the time. The time we have to ourselves now is a new concept – one nice and also scary at the same time. My hopes are that you won’t fill EVERY second doing something just to satisfy being “busy.”  However, I hope that you also won’t let yourself (mind, body and soul) turn into complete mush where a rock has more brain activity.



Wishing you an amazing week ahead. Let’s all shine bright together…

Love Jenn, Crescent Moon & Stars

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