Mid Week Gratitude Check In
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Mid Week Gratitude Check In

Happy Thursday everyone! I’m a day late doing a mid week gratitude check in, but I just got back in town yesterday. With Hurricane Irma doing very weird things and also being a family member’s birthday, we ended up going out of town to evacuate just in case and also to celebrate a birthday. Literal Hurricane/birthday party haha. Lots of emotions this week, but I am grateful for this experience. Without further ado, here is this week’s mid week gratitude check in…


Things I’m Grateful For:

  1. Everyone I know that would/have been impacted by Irma is safe
  2. No damage to our home
  3. Power apparently only seemed to be off very briefly, all food we had was saved (quick tip: freeze water in a cup, place a coin or object on top of frozen ice. If object is frozen in the middle, then you know power was off long enough to defrost and you might want to throw it away instead of risking it)
  4. My car still works (yay!)
  5. Both the City of Charleston and where I work fared pretty well considering
  6. Even though it was evacuating, still got to “travel” out my city
  7. The car we traveled with practically took the whole trip on 1 tank of gas! How awesome is that?!
  8. Got to spend 4 days with a family member I don’t get to see often
  9. Got to hear all kinds of stories and see pictures
  10. Despite power going out, we had a backup power system (car battery + power inverter box works wonders!)
  11. Watching movies despite power being out
  12. Catching up on Season 4 of The Blacklist (Omg, obsessed!)
  13. Getting to cook twice – I made a shrimp 3 cheese tortellini pasta from scratch – my guy marinated the shrimp & I did the rest, the other one was a parmesan pasta box mix, but added black olives I sliced up, sauteed mushrooms, extra parmesan and extra feta cheese with more spices – both came out VERY well
  14. Eating a delicious Aged Swiss & Mushroom burger at a restaurant I’ve never beenย to or heard of on the day we didn’t cook, our server/bartender was amazing
  15. Getting to see my guy’s hometown for a couple of days – didn’t go touring anything due to weather/closures, but still had a great time looking around
  16. Got to cuddle up with a sweet Maltese. Miss having a fur baby around.
  17. Finding a movie up there we’ve been looking for that couldn’t find here at home at for $7.99!
  18. Came home with some goodies/knick-knacks/mementos/souvenirs/etc from storage (some really neat things!)
  19. Despite the traffic we got stuck in for almost an hour or so, I was with my guy and we still had a good time
  20. Got to see horses in traffic (they were in a very large horse trailer going back to Florida)
  21. Getting to people/car watch while stuck in traffic
  22. Listening to music while in traffic
  23. Able to get home on the 2nd half pretty quickly
  24. Picked up a quick lunch – we were the only car in the drive thru, yes!
  25. Lunch was pretty delicious (I actually ended up eating it for dinner at work, but still good)
  26. Who doesn’t love french fries? Had perfectly crispy fries. Soooo good.
  27. Work was very understanding and was accommodating about my returning home/getting stuck in traffic/”get to work as soon and as safely as you can”
  28. Despite a little craziness when I got back to work (going from traveling early in the morning to getting stuck in traffic, to unpacking, to getting ready for work, to not getting there when I wanted to get there, initialย putting my desk back together, checking voicemails and emails and getting special project to work on), it was nice having my job to come back to
  29. Got busy at work for awhile, but then we got a lull so I was able to catch up on a lot of work and emails
  30. Despite the crazy day, I was able to make at least 1 reservation/sale
  31. Remembering last minute and got to participate in one of my favorite Twitter Chats, #createlounge (Every Wednesday at 8pm EST) – check it out!
  32. Getting to see the beautiful, breath-taking, pull the car over, almost cried starry sky on my way home – where I work, we have lights out for turtles and other wildlife so there’s no light pollution and the stars were beautiful (the moon wasn’t out)
  33. Coming home to crash on the couch watching more Blacklist
  34. Realizing we were smart and remembered to take the trash out before we left #adultingwin haha
  35. Having quick bite foods in the fridge to eat when I got home
  36. Heading to a very comfortable bed
  37. Grateful for the accommodations we had our family member’s place
  38. Grateful to be able to come back home to our bed
  39. Dr. Pepper – it is magic for the soul
  40. Showers – also magic for the soul



I hope that you enjoyed this week’s mid week gratitude check in. I’ll be sharing another roundup on Sunday.

In the meantime, what’s 3 things that you’re grateful for from this week? Comment below, I’d love to hear your stories! Also, check out Crescent Moon & Stars on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook by @cresmoonstars and #letshinebrightogether.

<3 Jenn

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