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Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads out there! There are so many forms of Dads but today is the day that we honor you!
Today I want to shoutout my Dad on this Happy Father’s Day… This man is simply incredible
• Definition of the most hardworking person I know – this man will work from sunup to sundown and get the job done and get the job done RIGHT. He doesn’t quit until the job is done or until he literally can not do it anymore (physical based or knowledge based). I learned the definition of what good honest work means from him
• One of the most generous people I know – he will help you out in a heartbeat if he is able to. If you ask him, he will 99.99% say yes to you. If he can’t do it, he’ll try to help you find someone who can help you
• He has one of the best temperaments I know – he is slow to anger (and usually when his temper does come out, you probably deserved it!)
• He is a genius with cars (he has been working with cars since he was 18!) and he is also a genius with his hands – this man can make anything work or at least rig it to get it working til it can be fixed later/properly. Half of my skills are due to watching this man create or seeing the end result of his work #PinterestBeforeThereWasPinterest
• Had saved my butt with cars COUNTLESS times, especially with my ahem- “testy” ’94 Camry – 4 engines later (some were duds from LKQ unfortunately) and countless repairs: blown tires, water pumps, fuel pumps, spark plugs – we practically rebuilt that car – #RIPPhoneix
• Many dads joke that all they feel like ATMs – I’m sure my dad felt that way several times (especially while in High School), but he taught me the power of the working dollar and do what you can and THEN ask for help. You earn your money, you don’t just get it.
• I can’t even tell you how many times he’s brought me something I left behind at home that I needed at school, a project or left my lunch behind and he’s driven to me to get it to me
• He’s watched me walk across several stages, but primarily my High School graduation in ’06 and then again as Magna Cum Laude for College in ’12.
• He has supported me in all decisions that I’ve made in my life. Like any parent, he has given his advice and opinions on situations, but he has let me make my own decisions. If the outcome wasn’t as pleasant, he might give me “Hey, I warned you…” but he has supported me as I dealt with any not so pleasant consequences of my decisions.
• He has always supported my school work and aspirations. I changed my mind several times (one reason why I waited so long to go to college), but both of my parents supported my decision to work full time and when I made the decision to go to college for Hospitality & Tourism Management. Both of my parents said (while I was in college and working part-time) that as I long as I had work and/or school, I was welcome to stay there. No moochers here haha (seriously though, a GREAT life lesson, especially in these times)
• He’s hugged me while I cried it all out – over stress, over school, over boys, over what I felt was I caused the accident of someone else (but like he said, the cars behind me should have been paying attention to the cars in front of them), and even over stupid stuff
• He’s been a pet grandad to SO many animals haha – dogs, cats, gerbils and Russian dwarf hamsters
• While he instilled the sense of work, he also instilled the sense of play
– we would go fishing in Hanahan (where the turtles usually got our bait haha)
– he built me this amazing playhouse where I easily spent a million hours outside playing in
– he built me a 2 story, 4 room + attic dollhouse for my Barbies
– he made me my own chess/checkerboard
– he made several things for my doll babies and/or fixed other things
– he made me my own collectibles bookcase
– both he and my mom helped painted my room what looked better in the can but came out this pepto bismol + lavender color (and even though I’ve moved out, they haven’t re-painted over it yet)
– he gave me the love of chocolate milk
– we watched Saturday cartoons for hours with cereal in hand (he instilled the love of coco puffs, I’m seeing a chocolate trend here…)
– we roasted marshmallows on the red grill
– he supported my Pokemon craze haha
– one year at the fair, he won me a pikachu, a cheetah and a husky (not sure where the pikachu or the cheetah went, but the husky sleeps on my bed still)
– he went thru the Beanie Babies fad with me (luckily I only wanted the dogs and cats), but he did find me a polar bear and an otter and surprised me with them
– we would go to the various Charleston area landfills together to search for treasures (one time I found an old 90s Mac computer that still worked – the same one we had in Middle school)
– we went MANY times to the flea market(s) and found more treasures there too – we frequently visited some family friends there and the leather store on the corner aisle always smelled so good
– he’s helped my mom in several of her plans and creations (they make a good team)
– he and mom teamed up to get my bike for Christmas and they also teamed up to get my coveted Queen Amidala collector dolls
– he’s never said no to me ever getting books
– he’s taken to Pinterest like a champ (so proud)
– he sends some of the best memes and other funny stuff
There’s so many memories of my 31 years that I could probably write about and then some. Thank you for always being in my corner (even though sometimes I stubbornly made it a small corner) and supporting me thru the life I’ve chosen, that you’ve let me chosen. I couldn’t be where I am today without you and I love so much… Wishing you a very Happy Father’s Day!
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