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Shining Moments: June 9th – 15th

Hello there! Welcome back to another edition of Shining Moments. Can you believe we’re already halfway through June?

I got sick with a sinus infection towards the end of the week (which explains why I’ve been feeling so off this week). This week’s list isn’t as big as it usually is as I’ve been focusing on resting most of the week. I decided to do a show and tell with pictures this week…

  • Medium sized toad while doing an UberEats run

Medium sized brown toad on sidewalk at nightime


  • Homemade Ice cream sundaes – Blue Bunny Caramel Butter Praline Pecan + Herseys Speical Dark Syrup + Herseys Caramel Syrup + Whipped cream with more syrup on top

Icecream sundae in Waffle bowl with 2 Hersey Syrup bottles behind it

  • Lots of rain (about 3.5 days straight – it’s been very needed, but with some high tides, it’s caused some localized flooding in high prone flooding areas)


  • Pond behind our apartment is much higher than what it has been due to the rains the past few days, look how green!!!

2 side by side pictures of a pond to show the difference of what rain makes

  • My moss rose is trying to come back (I thought it was deader than dead)

Moss Rose in a planer (no flowers, yet)

  • My Joy Coding journal by Sarah Steckler came in this week (check out her website to see her journals, podcasts and coaching here or go ahead and buy it here on Amazon – it’s only $11.99 and it’s such a cheerful yellow!) I’m so happy that my collection is growing! She has amazing stuff!!!

My current collection (3 books) of Sarah Steckler's published works

  • Work load worked out for all of us and the boss is taking some R&R time (he SO deserves it!)


I hope that you have a great week and that you have fun looking for your own moments of gratitude. I look forward to sharing new shining moments next Sunday.

Love Jenn, Crescent Moon & Stars

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