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Happy Armed Forces Day

Happy Saturday everyone and Happy Armed Forces Day. Today marks a military holiday of the 3rd Saturday in May (which btw May is Military Month!), where we celebrate our active duty militaryย forces. With Memorial Day right around the corner (where we celebrate our fallen forces), it’s easy to get mixed up.

Armed Forces day = Currently serving = 3rd Saturday of May

Memorial Day = Have died during service = last Monday of May

Veterans Day = Have previously served = November 11th


Now that you know the difference, how can you honor our military forces (no matter the holiday)? Check out some of these ideas:

  • A simple “Thank you” for their service – the power of words can go a long way
  • Make or send cards – a little token means alot
  • Make or buy a meal
  • Do a simple (or complex!) chore or errand
  • Send a care package stateside, overseas or to the family
  • Volunteer at a nearby VA hospital
  • Volunteer at non-profit/charitable (Wounded Warrior, Soldiers Angels, Homes for Troops, etc)
  • See if places like American Legion or VFW need any help or sponsor their events
  • Learn more about the branches and their history and traditions (check out my posts on these too)

Armed Forces Day

Marines + Army

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Navy + Coast Guard

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Air Force + National Guard

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Below are resources and links for all walks of military life – active duty, veteran, PTSD, Suicideย Prevention, the transition from Solider back to Civilian life and more. These are all the website, but many have Facebook Pages and are on different Social Media. Like their pages, check out their social media and share to support our military!

Shopping and Other Remembrance Outlets


Share a shoutout to your Service member and don’t forget to tag us so we can honor them too! You can find Crescent Moon & Stars on Facebook (page and Shine Bright group), Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest with @cresmoonstars. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #letshinebrightogether!


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