If you aren’t aware, May is Military Appreciation Month – from military children, to Armed Forces day/week, to Memorial Day. The last Monday in May is celebrated as Memorial Day, a day we honor those service men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice and have fallen in the line of duty.

Today especially, but also every day, I would like to thank every single service member who has sacrificed in order so that we (as a nation) doesn’t have to.

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Happy Saturday everyone and Happy Armed Forces Day. Today marks a military holiday of the 3rd Saturday in May (which btw May is Military Month!), where we celebrate our active duty military forces. With Memorial Day right around the corner (where we celebrate our fallen forces), it’s easy to get mixed up.

Armed Forces day = Currently serving = 3rd Saturday of May

Memorial Day = Have died during service = last Monday of May

Veterans Day = Have previously served = November 11th


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Hey everyone and Happy Friday!


This Friday is very special as it’s Veteran’s Day, a day where we remember and honor our Veterans, past and present. 

I believe that while we DEEP DOWN do support our troops, we tend to get caught up in our own lives and can sometimes forget about what a deep sacrifice our military has given. As they swear in, they are giving up their own identities,

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Hey everyone, just wanting to wish the United States Marine Corps a very Happy 241st Birthday!

Check out the Commandant’s Birthday message here.


If you want to know more about the Marine Corps, check out my post back in May from Armed Forces week. The Marine Corps have been around since 1775 and are still going strong.


OORAH! Marine


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Happy Flag Day!!!


Hope that you’re having a great Tuesday! Today is Flag Day and while we may not really know about it, it’s still an important holiday to the United States.


You may remember covering Flag Day back in elementary school. I know I do. Before the days of computers being used to write out reports, and a particular teacher wanting it typed out,

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