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Wake Me Up When September ends… (Sept.2018 Recap and October Goals)

Hi everyone! What a month September has been, am I right?!

  • Everyone is officially back to school
  • The unofficial end of summer aka. Labor Day
  • Hurricane Florence hitting North Carolina but affecting South Carolina and Virginia {and word is the remnants are possibly coming back around for a re-run)
  • Fall is officially here (YES! My FAVE season)
  • My dad had an earlier wreck in the month (see week 2 of the gratitude lists for the pic)
  • I’m still learning in my additional role at work

Needless to say, this month has been busy! I didn’t even realize that I forgot to post September’s Reach for the Stars (monthly goal post). Oops!


First, let’s recap August’s goals:

  1. Commit to a sleep schedule/wake up schedule as I transition to a new work schedule (3:30pm – midnight, then about 45 min to an hour drive home).  Adjust vitamin regimen as needed.
  2. Test out the new blogging/social media schedule I created as I prepare for the new schedule
  3.  Continue to work on the Summer Bingo (focus on reading at least ONE book)
  4. Check out the moon rise schedule to see if I can’t catch a moon rise after work
  5. Continue with the work breaks/lunches – I’ve been eating at work in the cafeteria ($3 meals!) and I’ve been eating salads along with the theme menu of the day and eating slower during my 30 minute break

My Wins:

So I feel that I did pretty good with August’s goals. At the end of August/beginning of September, my lovely coworker decided to pursue new adventures and I was presented with the option of taking her position. I am now running with Off Island Group Transportation AND the Business Center. New roles, new learning/ training, new adventures = win. I have big shoes to fill, but I have so many wonderful people to help guide me and a very understanding boss. So I didn’t do the night shift (330-midnight) for very long, but I was able to re-re-adjust the schedule to fit my new morning hours. I know when I have to get up so I try to backtrack from there.

Along with these new hours, I feel that I am able to better coordinate a lunch break (and sometimes yummier food!). Since I’m eating and work, I’m noticing a decline in fast food purchases (more money!) and a bit of a slimmer waistline. I fell at the end of August and it’s taken almost a whole month to be able to stand in the shower longer than 10 minutes and start taking the stairs up and down again without it hurting ALOT.


My not so wins:

With this crazy month, I didn’t focus on the new blogging schedule. I tried to dabble, but I didn’t make too much of an effort so I’m not crossing it off. Weekly gratitude posts also got out late, so tsk tsk. Then again, I WAS expecting power to be out for Hurricane Florence if nothing else. My other eh not so win was I didn’t get to use the moon rise, but I did see some awesome nights of the moon and grabbed some pics with the camera

I always have grand adventures planned for fall but then get disappointed when I don’t get to complete them. If you want some Fall ideas, check out my free printable from last year here: Fall-Bucket-List-Challenge (222 downloads) . I’m going to keep my October goals shorter than usual as work will be picking up and we may be moving to a new apartment soon **fingers crossed**


October Goals

  1.  Burn fall scented candles or wax melts
  2. Sit back and reap the benefits of all the hard work I’ve sown this year
  3. Make a pie – probably peach or apple
  4. Pick out a small pumpkin at the Boone Hall Pumpkin Patch
  5. Simply sit outside and enjoy nature and the cooling weather – dig out a blanket, read a book, sit on a picnic table
  6. {Bonus: If time allows, go upstate to go apple picking}


What are your plans for October? I’d love to hear your traditions or things on your bucket list (whether or not you cross them off).

Let’s have a beautiful October and a bountiful harvest.

Shine bright,

Love Jenn, Crescent Moon & Stars

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