Hello again!

You might have seen last week where I suggested some apps if you had created some 2020 fitness goals. If you downloaded some of those or others (share in the comments which ones you chose!), then you’ll well on your way. As Lao Tzu, a Chinese philosopher said, “The Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” I am very proud of you for making the decision to move towards a healthier lifestyle.

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Happy 2020 everyone! I hope that the new year is already treating you good.


Recently our HR department at work hosted a Maintain Don’t Gain [weight] challenge. Since I am part of the Wellness Committee, I was asked to be the coach for the duration of the challenge to send out weekly tips and inspiration. Our challenge is almost over, but I got some good feedback from the participants, so I thought that you,

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Hi everyone! What a month September has been, am I right?!

  • Everyone is officially back to school
  • The unofficial end of summer aka. Labor Day
  • Hurricane Florence hitting North Carolina but affecting South Carolina and Virginia {and word is the remnants are possibly coming back around for a re-run)
  • Fall is officially here (YES! My FAVE season)
  • My dad had an earlier wreck in the month (see week 2 of the gratitude lists for the pic)
  • I’m still learning in my additional role at work

Needless to say,

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It’s November and I’m sure you’re seeing a lot of “being grateful” posts. Gratitude is a big thing! It may seem so small and trivial, but being in that mindset takes time to become a habit. It simply doesn’t happen over night!

One of my blogging BFFs, Wendy over The Gratefulist, totally has it down and her recent emails have been totally inspiring! Check out her 2 recent  posts about 6 mistakes you might be making while practicing gratitude (and how to avoid them) and  6 alternatives to writing a gratitude list (for when gratitude is not just your thing).

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Hello again everyone!  I’ve never double posted in one day but I just HAVE to share something amazing and incredible.

You might remember seeing #theimperfectboss back in May of this year. What an IMPRESSIVE and FREEING experience! May 2016 should have broke the internet! Ashley Beaudin, founder of Fire + Wind Co. and The Imperfect Boss, hosted a 3 challenge of letting your imperfections take on a new light. Over the course of THREE DAYS, #theimperfectboss took a life of its own.
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