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Shining Moments: May 3 – 9, 2020

Welcome to another edition of Shining Moments! Wishing all kinds of Moms a very Happy Mother’s Day! This week has all kinds of shining moments and a reflection of organizing.


Shining Moments

– Still working (considered an essential) at the hotel – beginning to get more and more into a “normal” routine

– My boss gave me a great compliment about the work I’ve been doing. We are also going to proceed with the office change-up plans (a little earlier even). Within the next week or 2, I should have my own office space!

– It was one of my AGM’s birthday and I got her a little something and put up streamers at her desk

– Still working UberEatsย  – I didn’t go out this much this week for several reasons (tired, gas saving, headaches, dog-sitting), but Sunday was alright considering

– Got to give 3 dogs treats while out on deliveries. Happy doggos!

– Watched the last Star Wars movie (#9 – The Rise of Skywalker). I thought it would be fitting for May 4th – May the Fourth be With You day. Typically I’ll make more movie-related snacks but since it was just me, I bought some popsicles on a stick for “Lightsaber” popsicles

– Side note: Richard Grant is one of the bad guys. I love him when I first saw him in the newer version of The Scarlet Pimpernel

– My stimulus check dropped finally *whew*

– I thought that I had set up bill deferral for one of my loans, but apparently I didn’t (guess that I had the money at the time) – luckily I was able to make up the past difference and the normal/current bill amount

– I’m dog-sitting for 2 dogs for the next 2 weeks, so it has been some doggy cuddles and multiple walks

– I found a Wii for $55 on Facebook Marketplace – console/power cords/controller/1 game

– One of my blogger friends has started a new Facebook group for bloggers. We even had a Blogger PJ party the other night and it was nice to catch up with several friends

– I enjoyed a nice glass of Moscato wine while I relaxed watching Bride & Prejudice (the Indian version of Pride & Prejudice). Thank you for cheap wine haha

– Also while dog sitting, I got in Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets and Sense & Sensibility

– Enjoyed a Reuben (sans kraut) and a cheese/bacon/ranch fry from Ye Old Fashioned

– I missed seeing the full experience, but I got to see the tail end of a sunset and it made the sky look like cotton candy with the clouds

– Being able to send out Mother’s Day cards to all the mom’s in my life

– My friends have a nice dry erase board/calendar/chore chart setup – totally jealous and inspired haha


Progress on 32 Things
*For the full list, check out my birthday post 32 Birthdays and 32 Things*

New ice cream flavor – one of the Blue Bunny ice cream cups – the S’Mores one was really good




This week’s reflection came towards the end of the week as I am spending the night where I am dog sitting. So in between work and UberEats, I’ll have some time to myself. I’ve been going back and forth between my apartment so that I didn’t move in entirely, but I brought some stuff to do – some self care, personal and work related. For some self-care, I’ve already watched some movies, drank some wine, did some laundry and actually took time to breathe like a normal person.ย 

I’ve always been a go-go-go person. Even with COVID, I’ve completed 4 courses related to work within about a 2 week time frame. I’m still signed up for 5 moreย  #neverquitlearning haha. I also received some very sad news this week, but also this month. I’ve had 2 people pass away – one I worked with at my 1st hotel I ever worked at and also one of my Pastors at my church.

In between the busyness that has been my life that for the past 6 months, with it already been on the way over-due extended To-Do list and also due to recent news that I’ve had this month, I’ve decided more than ever that it’s time to get my life in order. I have a new job now that I love, pays more and is closer to home. Once we all start getting back to a new kind of normal post-COVID, I know that some of my past anxieties will have some closure and I can move on with things.

Right now, my life is full of disorder. I have acquired all kinds of boxes to organize my life but I’ve been majorly lacking on the organizing department. Ultimately, I want to be able to find things & get our sunroom back haha. I found some good ideas on organizing from friends, Facebook and *of course* Pinterest. Why not now to be a good time to go ahead and be the organizing queen that I can be?

I’d love to hear your fave organizing tips and tricks! Tag me @cresmoonstars on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.


Wishing you an amazing week ahead. Let’s all shine bright together…

Love Jenn, Crescent Moon & Stars

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