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Shining Moments: May 10th – 16th, 2020

What a week! Anybody else find that mid-month always seems so much busier/hectic? This week was busy, but it had a lot of nice moments. Check out this week’s Shining Moments and a delicious update to the 32 Things lists.


Shining Moments

– Still working (considered an essential) at the hotel

– I have been given some new/added Sales responsibilities at work. Since I’ve been proving myself (and it’s been slower at the desk for check ins/outs), we’re advancing my responsibilities list and I have been given permission to go ahead and start reaching out to the prospects on the spreadsheet tracker that I made for my department.

– Work is now requiring us to wear masks while on desk shifts (they just installed the plexiglass this week). Luckily a family friend had some leftover. Also, someone on my local FB group is making them and gave me a couple – no charge. I gave her a donation for the cost of the materials and she said that she could make more now – bless her.

– Didn’t go out much this week but the days that I did were pretty decent. People were generous with their tips. One guy gave me a $17.53 tip!!!

– Updated my UberEats tracker journal back from the end of January of this year to now

– While looking at my UberEats statements, I was curious to see what kinds of trends there were from the past 2 years. I’ve been driving since mid-December 2017 and I am 2 short of being 2400 deliveries in about 2.5 years. I realized that I have spent ALOT more time in my car than I even thought I had.

– Uber is also requiring a face covering (doesn’t have to be a mask per se since supplies are limited nationwide). This is really a pain in the butt because I am in my car more than I am at the restaurant picking up the food and giving it to the person. Most people are still doing the contact-less/leave at the door. So having to put on the face covering for 5 mins, take it off and then back on for 1-2 minutes x say up to 10 deliveries is a lot. I found a really pretty galaxy neck gaiter (washable and ironically matches my mouse/keyboard support at work!) instead to pull up and down vs slipping on and off a mask.

– Bills are paid and on time, woot!

– Sunday was Mother’s Day and all the moms in my life got a card via mail or in person. Some people were really surprised to get one

– If you didn’t remember, I am pet sitting for 2 dogs for some friends/former coworkers. Dog cuddles = the best

– Since I am walking the dogs 2-4 times a day, I’m definitely walking around more. This is especially the case since I am walking each dog individually. I tried walking both at the same time for a few days but I always felt like a Stretch Armstrong toy afterwards! Now I rotate who goes 1st to make it fair. #doglife

– I had to stop off for a few things at the Dollar Tree and I found one of those fur mitts and they LOVE it.

– The other day I was tired and wasn’t planning on going out to do UberEats so I made it a movie and dog cuddle day – watched Beauty and the Beast (animated), Wall-E, Murder on the Orient Express (the newest one) and then Dark Shadows (Johnny Depp version) to sleep to.

– Any food was a free for all while I am pet sitting. Found some pre-made Mac n Cheese and it was a delicious dinner with some chicken haha

– I learned that the Charleston RiverDogs is offering To-Go Lunch and my former boss when I was there is back! He is a culinary genius and if I was ever strictly culinary, I would follow that man. He was such a great boss! I got the Brisket Melt and Oh.My.God.Freaking.YUM. No joke – I was getting a really bad headache that started at work + I did the online order so could pick it up quickly. I ate just half of the sandwich (came with fries too) and this sandwich was so delicious it cured my headache (ok, along with the Tylenol, but I ate way first before taking the Tylenol).
**As soon as I can get the pictures uploaded properly, I’ll post them**

– I brought over some of my own snacks and Aldi’s Raspberry Danish has been a good breakfast starter many days

– While at Big Lots on a different errand, I found some AMAZINGLY good smelling Freesia & Peach handsoap and Rosewater Peony handsome – for $1 each!

– I have some time in between working the hotel and UberEats. Since I’m in a different setting than my apartment, I decided to now was a good time (and more space) to work on some personal projects. One of those was updating my Financial binder. Some things have been paid off, some things were new and to keep myself straight (and anyone else should something ever happen to me), it was time for the update.ย 

– I’m happy to say that come 6/25, I will have one of my 3 personal credit line loans paid off – yay for $77.82 back a month!

– I picked up a screw in my tire Friday night during UberEats. Luckily the tire is covered under Road Hazard for another 6700-ish miles, When it was looked at, it only went into the rubber portion of the tire and didn’t puncture anything else so it was good to go! YAY! Thanks to my Dad for coming to change it out Friday night, looking at it Saturday and then putting the tire back on Saturday. Sorry that it was such a pain, but we know our luck haha

– I was able to secure a new storage unit at a MUCH better price. It’s further away than the one I’ve been paying at, but it’s still the same type (climate controlled, indoors), I don’t go to the one I have now very often anyways (so the distance was just a convenience), I now have a bigger one and for only $25/mo + $15/mo ins (to which now covers $5,000 vs the $500 I have now). So instead of paying $111/mo, I’ll be paying $40/mo = $71 back a month! Hello!

– Rachel (associate? manager?) is REALLY nice and I LOVE LOVE LOVE her teal hair. Its such a pretty color and it fits her so well.



Progress on 32 Things
*For the full list, check out my birthday post 32 Birthdays and 32 Things*

– Crossed off ice cream # 5 – Cookies n Creme. Delicious!





As you can see this week was pretty busy, so I didn’t have much time for reflection this week.




Wishing you an amazing and blessed week (hopefully with some delicious things of your own!).


Let’s all shine bright together…

Love Jenn, Crescent Moon & Stars

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