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Shining Moments: May 17th – 23rd, 2020

Welcome to another edition of Shining Moments – a place where I list all the beautiful things (small or big) that make life worth living for and to keep myself on a grateful path (especially during COVID). May is almost over – where did it go? Usually its the odd numbered months that seem to draaaaag on.ย 

This week was really rough for a lot of reasons, so the list is shorter and a little more concise than what I usually post.ย 


Shining Moments

– Still working (considered an essential) at the hotel

– Good news at work

– I didn’t UberEats this week for several reasons, but it was a nice break

– Frozen pretzels from Dollar Tree

–ย  Watched Grease

– Baby (I mean BABY sized) frogs

– BIG toad

– Blue jay – I can’t tell if it likes me or hates me

– Dog cuddles

– Able to get some good pics of the dogs

– One of them was snoring really loud and it was funny

– We had a really bad storm come through on Wednesday – there was a confirmed, yet short lived tornado touch down. Thankful me and the dogs were safe

– Delicious Bacon Mushrooms Swiss burger from Metro Diner + their mac n cheese. Thursday was a superb bad day so between completely drained and not trusting myself to cook, ordering to go was the best idea

– Smell of clean laundry

– Having almost every single piece of work clothes laundered and hung up

– Found a freebie-next-to-the-dumpster rollaround closet and hangers – woot!

– My friends made it home safe and made really good driving time

– Felt good to help them out to unpack

– We all hung out for awhile and we ended up having Chinese for dinner

– We laughed so hard during dinner – it was so nice

– I put together a happy birthday/welcome home/just because gift bag for their foster kid (she’s now 6), she seemed to like her gifts

– Coming home to my apartment – it was nice there, but nothing like your own bed haha

– Hot showers to relax this week (it has been very stressful!!!!)



Progress on 32 Things
*For the full list, check out my birthday post 32 Birthdays and 32 Things*

Nothing to update this week



No reflection this week


Let’s all shine bright together…

Love Jenn, Crescent Moon & Stars

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