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Shining Moments (Weekly Gratitude & Reflection)

Shining Moments February 16-22, 2020

We’re down to the last week of February – weren’t we all just watching the Super Bowl, enjoying chocolate and celebrating my birthday? I guess time flies when you are having fun!ย  I was super focused on work this week (learning new things & getting new skills) and Mercury retrograde tried to interfere, but I was able to work through the hurdles.

Shining Moments

– Got to see/pet some very good bois and girls while doing UberEats – especially Pippa and Oliver (such cute names!)

– Beginning to really develop my own groove at work and all the bosses are happy

– Found, bought and received (much quicker than expected!) a matching Galaxy swirl keyboard wrist pad & mouse wristpad for work. Not an affiliate, but here’s the Amazon link for itย  (it’s GORGEOUS)

– Got some nice compliments and thanks from all coworkers from my Valentine’s Day bags

– Despite getting a sprained ankle 2 days before my birthday, I was able to walk (ok, mostly) and my coworkers and people I interacted with (restaurants, shopping) were concerned about my well-being and thoughtful/considerate

– Got to enjoy a solo birthday dinner at Metro Dinner (got the Pulled Pork Mac Stack and received a complimentary pie slice, I chose the Reese’s Pie)

Pulled Pork, Mac and cheese, on top of a cheddar cornbread “waffle”


– Also got to cross that one off my 32 Birthdays and 32 things list

– I got # 28 added to the list (going to the Riverbank Zoo), just 4 more things to think of

– Got 1 out of 32 ice cream flavors crossed off

– Got to see a pretty sunrise (FINALLY after days of cold cold rain!)

–ย  I received a very generous parting/birthday gift from a coworker – $100 amazon and $60 Olive Garden gift cards (she got me Olive Garden because my new job is very close and she thought I could go there more often – how thoughtful of her!)

– The first day back in a former department that has asked me to help went pretty smoothly. I was really nervous after not working in that department in almost 2 years, but I ended up making 2 books and technically making the company almost $25k (and I’ll get a small commission out of that). Not too shabby for the 1st day back haha



This week’s reflection was brief, but meaningful to me. As I am navigating some new waters in my newest adventure, I am really beginning to see where past jobs gave me the skills, experiences and knowledge to be able to do what I am doing today. As I mentioned, I am helping out a former department where I book privately owned villas and homes. I never thought that I would be using a lot of those skills (or coming back around to use them in that department again!) as much. I can tell that I’ve grown as a person: personally and professionally. It was nice getting that confidence booster that I haven’t lost my touch, even almost 2 years later.

Don’t let any job, skill, or knowledge make you feel less/unworthy. All skills are necessary and while you may not think that it will be handy, that fact you have that skill and experience doing that skill might surprise you later on in life. There are times in conversations (even random ones haha) where I’ll begin to glimpse why I experienced something. For me lately, it’s been something where I can be useful by sharing my experience(s) or even just being relatable (to create or continuing to maintain a relationship). The world may have some 7 billion people in it, but lately it’s been feeling a little smaller.

Take your time and enjoy the moments. If the moments aren’t so lovely, see what you can learn from you. You might just surprise yourself.

Have a beautiful week ahead and let’s shine bright together,

Love Jenn, Crescent Moon & Stars

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