Hero of My Country, Hero of My Heart

Happy Veteran’s Day!

Hey everyone and Happy Friday!


This Friday is very special as it’s Veteran’s Day, a day where we remember and honor our Veterans, past and present. 

I believe that while we DEEP DOWN do support our troops, we tend to get caught up in our own lives and can sometimes forget about what a deep sacrifice our military has given. As they swear in, they are giving up their own identities, putting their current life on hold and the responsibilities that go along with being a “daily human.” They swear to God, their Branch, to Country. Their families usually take a back seat for a little bit. That’s hard. On them and for their families and those that love them. All have to adjust. All due to a selfless act of relinquishing control over their own lives, to become a single unit and unified, to become a family in their own right and living the brother/sister-hood of being in the US Military. The selfless sacrifice that sometimes, sorrowfully and painfully for those left behind, the ultimate sacrifice of one’s life for those they’re fighting for. Those they love, those they cherish, those they wish to keep the safest, the ultimate call to protect and defend, the love of country, the love of life.


We’re everywhere

Here in Charleston, we have several military establishments. We have:

  • The Air Force and the Navy here, now combined into a Joint Base
  • The Coast Guard has both a Station and Auxillary
  • The National Guard
  • The Army Corps of Engineers
  • Just a short drive away to Parris Island (Beaufort, SC) to the Marine Corps
  • We have The Citadel, the Military College of the South
  • We have the Ralph Johnson VA Hospital


Men of Honor

A few men in my life have been proud service members:

  • My grandfather was enlisted in Navy, retired by the time I was born, but I was privileged to attend high school (before it moved to it’s current location) on the now retired Navy Base where my grandfather worked here in Charleston. My grandfather never got the chance to really tell me about his time in the service as he developed Alzheimer’s and has unfortunately passed on. 
  • My favorite guidance counselor was in the Navy as well and at his funeral this year, I got to learn so much more about him and his service. 
  • The love of my life was in the Marines for several years.
  • I have friends in the military, spread out all over the world.

All men and women of great character and people I love and not just for their service, sacrifice, loyalty and honor. All are cherished Veterans.


I want You To Thank a Veteran Today


Check out my Armed Forces Day post back from May for some ideas on how you could thank a servicemember!


Share with me how you celebrate or honor our Veterans. Let’s thank at least one person today.


Shine Bright

<3 Jenn

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