Happy 241st Birthday Marine!
Hero of My Country, Hero of My Heart

Happy 241st Birthday US Marine Corps!

Hey everyone, just wanting to wish the United States Marine Corps a very Happy 241st Birthday!

Check out the Commandant’s Birthday message here.


If you want to know more about the Marine Corps, check out my post back in May from Armed Forces week. The Marine Corps have been around since 1775 and are still going strong.


OORAH! Marine



Of course I am partial to the Corp as a Marine certainly stole my heart. I am thankful for him in so many ways, including all of his years in service. I am so proud of him and I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude and appreciationย of the sacrifices he made in the name of loyalty for defending his country. It is something that no civilian will ever truly understand. I try to show my appreciation for his service not just on the Marine Corps birthday, on Veterans Day or Memorial Day. This year I decided to do a little bit quieter due to work schedules plus we’re a little tight this year.ย 


Marine Corps Collage


This year I made a collage from some pins I found on Pinterest. He really liked it this year. I surprised him by taping it to the bathroom mirror and let him walk in without knowing it was in there to show my appreciation.


Semper Fi Devildogs…


Don’t forget tomorrow is Veteran’s Day. Thank a service member for their past or current service!!!

<3 Jenn


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