Memorial Day Thank You
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Memorial Day

If you aren’t aware, May is Military Appreciation Month – from military children, to Armed Forces day/week, to Memorial Day. The last Monday in May is celebrated as Memorial Day, a day we honor those service men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice and have fallen in the line of duty.

Today especially, but also every day, I would like to thank every single service member who has sacrificed in order so that we (as a nation) doesn’t have to.

Today I would like to thank them for giving me provision of the rights and freedoms that I have today whether or not I exercise them (another right and freedom given).

Today, I would like to thank them for being willing to experience life in a form that no person should ever have to.

Today I would like to thank them for they have willingly committed to walk that path, keeping their vow and seen horrors they’ve never should have seen.

Today I would like to thank them and honor them when they have fallen in the line of duty, making the ultimate sacrifice. John 15:13 says “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” (NIV)

No words could ever express my gratitude to you.

If you’re unsure of how you can say thank you, check out my recent post on Armed Forces Day. There you’ll find different ways to say thank you and military links for all walks of military life. Recently a local military organization was asking for volunteers to help put American flags at gravesites. You can help and can show your gratitude at the same time. You might be asking yourself: How did Memorial Day start? No one knows 100% for certain, but here some links to help expand your knowledge:

Memorial Day History –

Memorial Day History – US Department of Veteran’s Affairs

The History of Memorial Day – PBS

Memorial Day Fast Facts –

Here in at Downtown Charleston, SC in what is now Hampton Park, there’s a sign:

Memorial Day sign, Hampton Park at Charleston, SC


Memorial Day is often now celebrated as a long weekend, with the unofficial kick-off to summer. Usually, families get together and have a cookout or some sort of get-together. Have a fun and safe weekend, but don’t forget to take a few moments to REALLY think about what Memorial Day is and to honor those who gave up everything for you.


Shine Bright…

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