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Hey everyone, hope that you’re having a great start to your week already. I also hope that you have enjoyed the Preparedness series I’ve been working on lately.  Life has been kinda interesting lately and therefore I’ve been pretty reflective on different aspects of daily life. In this edition, we’re gonna talk about being prepared for technology issues.


What would you do if your computer died?


I’m talking about sitting down, hitting the power button to turn it on and nothing.




That would be incredibly frustrating and scary right?


What about your phone, tablet or your camera? What if that happened as well? It absolutely terrifies me honestly. My phone, unfortunately, is my life – communication hub, main camera, social media, blogging, emails and my internet (using my hotspot – blogging on 16GB and public wifi spots is month is rough!)

What if nothing could be recovered? What would you lose? Would you still be able to function daily or would #chaosreign, #thestruggleisreal #OmgOmgOmg? Are you dependent on apps to remember tasks and birthdays? Would you be able to call someone or email them?


We always joke that technology is not perfect, that smartphones aren’t that smart and technology is great when it wants to work but yet we super panic when it fails. Understandably so as we depend on so much technology, but while that IS the case, we can take precautions to make sure we can still run our lives whenever technology (or even a simple power surge or bad storm takes it out) bums out.


Calendars and dates and events oh my!

I highly recommend getting a paper planner or a cheap month desk planner to plan out things and/or remember important dates. It always seems to be that ONE anniversary that always seems to slip off the radar until 3 days before when someone reminds you. Not that I would speak from experience or anything. Plus the act of physically writing it (I use LOTS of colors on my planners) will help you more than likely remember the date better (or at least the general timeframe) when it will show up. Don’t be too fashionably late on dates!

In regards to this as well, knowing what important dates are coming up, you can plan accordingly – gifts, party supplies, knowing if you need to ask for a particular day/weekend off, etc. Having these kinds of planners in place also allows your family to be prepared for such events or to interact with each other to put their own dates and events on. Nothing like remembering the school play your kid is participating in the day of the event. Hello un-needed stress! Plan and be prepared to save your sanity!


Your Gizmos and Gadgets

It’s so easy to collect gadgets and such: computer, tablet, phone, camera, Fitbit, Smart watches, Video game consoles, games… the list goes on and on. What if one day it got a mind of it’s own and decided not to work? Ask yourself: are you prepared for it to break/fail? What if there is no power supply (think laptop battery and charger box go out?) Would you be able to fix immediately, able to order a part or would you have to scrap it and get a new one? Would you be able to take it back to the store or your provider and get it fixed or a new one somehow? What kind of costs will there be? Sometimes it’s much easier to fix what’s broken instead of buying a new one and in some cases, it’s simply a lost cause.
Also ask yourself, do you have [enough] protection such as insurance or extended warranties? Does your homeowners or renters insurance cover your stuff? Added on warranties are usually these are pretty cheap to add on during the time of purchase and who knows, 10 bucks more is probably worth the 2 year extra warranty right? Almost all of my electronic purchases from Best Buy are covered under some kind of warranty, usually from Geek Squad.  #GeekSquad #You’reALifeSaver. I know that every phone I have will ALWAYS have insurance on it. #TeamKlutz #ClumsyAndIKnowIt


With so much technology out there, it can be an easy fix or a not so easy fix. Being prepared helps you navigate those waters with confidence and ease (and not to mention NOT breaking the bank) to continue on without major interferences with your daily life, schedules and routines. Check up on your warranties and insurance policies. Purchase them now if it’s not too late or find an affordable option to have to be able to repair it or replace it without spending hundreds of dollars (again). Do regular updates, maintenance and software updates to keep things running smoothly.


One for the money, two for the show, three to go (out the door…)

Take a look at what technology you’re using and take an honest inventory.  Do you need as much gizmos and gadgets that you’re using? Can you downgrade anything or give it to some it to someone who could use an upgrade for that particular gadget? Could you regift it to someone? Could you sell it to get some of the money back that you spent on it?


How prepared are you for technology woes?


Shine bright…

<3 Jenn

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