Reaching For the Stars (Monthly Goals & Bucket List)
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June’s Goals ~ Reaching For the Stars

Happy first day of June and welcome to this month’s edition of Reaching for the Stars!

I hope that you had a great Memorial Day holiday (and an unofficial start to Summer!) Summer is all about adventure and growth. Let’s recap what May’s Goals where before we dive into June’s:

  1. Read 4 books this month – one of those for the Shield Sisters Initiative May Book Club
  2.  Change up the meal planning now that it’s not so cold – less hearty/comfort food
  3. Go for a day trip around town & take as many pictures to my heart’s content
  4. Watch my plants bloom (I have 2 types of Pentas, a marigold & several Moss Roses)
  5. Research & plan for a local meetup to walk the West Ashley Greenwayfor a group I’m in
  6. Go thru the closet & either sell or donate (clothing/food blessing boxes, Goodwill, shelters)
  7. Look into selling some of my photos to companies like Shutterstock
  8. Look more at VounteerMatch for volunteer opportunities for the summer
  9. Start going thru the bookshelf to read books for the local library system’s Summer reading program
  10. Read the concierge service books I recently found/bought to get some ideas/business plan going


Needless to say, 2 out of 10 is not the best. We had some major changes at work (3 people are leaving) so I had to be flexible and I was pretty tired. I did a little bit of #9 but didn’t finish it, so I’m not gonna cross it off the list. Since my time got changed, I didn’t commit a whole day to take pictures, but I did stop off at different places when I found something that tweaked my interest or capture some sunsets.  An accomplishment that wasn’t on my list is that I got ALL of the ideas in my head into blog posts and May ended up having 7 blog posts (I’ve haven’t posted since last September/October?). Pretty proud of myself there…

You win some, you lose some, you find some. While I definitely didn’t get too much off of my list, I did accomplish some (and partials on others), so it’s still a win for me. My goal theme for the summer is about knowledge and adventure. Since some of those work changes are still going to be going on for roughly about half of June, I’m realistically making a list of smaller things and some “prep work”. The start to this “summer” has already been scorching and because my schedule is sooooo funky, most of these are things to do indoors, but don’t be afraid to take that tablet to the beach to do a course!

  1. Continue the progress I’ve made for Crescent Moon & Stars – 10 posts (5 of those being the weekly gratitude/reflection, 1 Monthly goal post)
  2. Continue working on the courses I’m participating in – 3 major/long-term ones and 1 smaller short one
  3. Take a look at different knowledge learning outlets – Coursera, LinkedIn Learning, and FutureLearn looks pretty interesting for this summer — not setting a goal to do [a] course[s] this month, but for the summer in general
  4. Submit 5 “I read it” sheets to the library for the adult summer reading program
  5. Sit down with the planner (I use Passion Planner) and write out the plans for each individual week. Filter out what I do or do not have time for. Write in pencil this month since things are probably going to change.
  6. Continue filtering emails and re-organizing them depending on the topic. Unsubscribe those that I don’t read anymore or if interests have changed.
  7. Do the free Daily clock to help out organizations at Greater Good – 10 different organizations, 1 simple click will help others have a meal, give medical care, raise awareness, etc.
  8. On my commute times, listen to some of my favorite podcasts


What are your goals and plans this summer? What kind of adventure(s) do you want to have? Do you want to do these alone, with someone, with a group or undecided yet? What kind of plan, tools or supplies do you need to accomplish those? I’d love to hear all about them! I hope that you enjoy the monthly Reaching For The Stars posts. I love writing them!

You can find Crescent Moon & Stars (@cresmoonstars) on Facebook (page and Shine Bright, my community group), Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #letshinebrightogether

Let’s shine bright this summer!

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