Happy June everyone! Can you believe we are already 5 months finished and almost halfway through the year?!?! It seems like we are just blowing by 2019. Since time is going so fast, it’s a good time to revisit goals made. There are some that I’m sure will not get accomplished this year, but that’s ok! May is usually a good month for me personally with reflection and new experiences or chapters in my life (college graduation,

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I hope that everyone has had a great start to the New Year! It’s already Day 5, can you believe it?!

One of my goals is re-committing to writing blog posts again. I got wrapped up in personal things and I’ve been able to get some things finished up and other things off of my mind, so I’m ready to get focused on my Yearly Word: Roots.

This might sound like an odd word,

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Hi everyone! What a month September has been, am I right?!

  • Everyone is officially back to school
  • The unofficial end of summer aka. Labor Day
  • Hurricane Florence hitting North Carolina but affecting South Carolina and Virginia {and word is the remnants are possibly coming back around for a re-run)
  • Fall is officially here (YES! My FAVE season)
  • My dad had an earlier wreck in the month (see week 2 of the gratitude lists for the pic)
  • I’m still learning in my additional role at work

Needless to say,

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Happy first day of August! It’s time for this month’s edition of Reaching For the Stars,  a monthly goal post. ( Who can believe school is almost here?! )

Let’s recap July’s goals:

  1. Really sit with the planner as I am readjusting to new hours: 3:30pm – 12am 5x a week (8 hrs + 30 min break) instead of varying times of 10 hour shifts 4x a week (AND getting schedule a week in advance vs the whole month in advance)
  2. Revisit,

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Happy first day of July! It’s time for this month’s edition of Reaching For the Stars,  a monthly goal post. ( Who can believe this year is halfway over?! )

I don’t know about you, but this Summer has already been hot, hot hot!!! I’m talking about 95 with heat indexes up to 110-115 and it was only JUNE. Usually August is our hottest month here in Charleston, but I think we’re gonna have a contest for which is the hottest season this year.

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