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Shining Moments – January 26 – February 1, 2020

Happy February everyone! January went by quick enough (for me at least). My January saw some new changes, but February is going to have new experiences and new adventures. Add in Valentine’s Day and my Birthday,ย  this month is gonna be packed!

Here’s this past week’s moments:

Shining moments

– I started working at my new job this week – I am now a Dual Sales Coordinator for 2 Marriott branded hotels. I’ve been trying to be a sales coordinator for years and now all of my experiences and hard work has paid off!

– I didn’t have very many hours at my (1st) job and so I used up some vacation time so I would have hours/paycheck. Since I had time off, my new boss was fine having me start earlier than expected. So I actually got in 34 hours for my 1st week with my new job + the vacation pay from the other. My next check(s) should get me caught back up on all bills/put a little in savings.

– It was a great week, everyone was SO nice, my office space already had office supplies ready for me and they’ll do an office supply next week for some stuff that I would like.

– I was already able to get a good bit of computer training done – since I am affiliated with 2 brands, I have double the computer training to do

– I ended up closing out January with 120 UberEats delivery for the month

– I had a coupon for a $5 classic cheeseburger from Ruby Tuesday which I have a location just 5 minutes from my new job

– Even though I have to wait for a corrected W2 because there was some issue about Tips (that MANY of us had apparently), the new correction form should be out very soon so I can do taxes (I have everything else so just waiting on that one)


All of your experiences, your skills, your passions, your knowledge and wisdom will add up in the right opportunity. I’ve been trying to become a sales coordinator for several years now, but I see now that I needed time to gain everything I needed for this job. As I was working through training and doing real-live job duties that I’ll be doing on my own in the future, I was noticing this skill set being used here and that knowledge/wisdom nugget from there all being used as I am getting used to a system I’ve never used before.

Don’t give up on your dreams and passions. You WILL find the right place, the right time, the right person/people. Keep persevering! You go on with your bad self!


Hope that you had a good January and here’s to an awesome February!

As always, let’s shine bright together!

Love Jenn, Crescent Moon & Stars

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