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Kitchen Cooking Gadgets… I Have Plenty!

How about that, January is almost over! Where did the month go?!

This week is about how to use the cooking utensils and appliances that you use or have access to. We have kitchens and break areas full of items and appliances, but we probably don’t use them as often as we could. I know for me, I have very little time to try to cook (and I’m only cooking for 1 or 2). Here’s some ideas and tips to consider:

  • Do a kitchen inventory of what you do have – knowing what kitchen/cooking tools, gadgets and appliances will help you figure out how you can cook better and more efficiently


  • Channel your inner Ariel: Now knowing what you have or access to, do a kitchen item replacement list or a wish-list

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  • Dig out and actually use your measuring cups and spoons. Cooking may be an art and Baking may be a science, but actually using the correct portion sizes will help manage your waistline. While that extra portion of an ingredient might be special, perhaps dialing back a little will help watch the calories. Maybe save the extra portion for a special batch or gathering of family and friends so all can enjoy.


  • What kind of appliances and tools do you own/have access to – blender, slicer, chopper, slow cooker, Instant Pot? These appliances and tools can make a world of a difference, especially for those with time restraints. Also, it can be VERY helpful for those who don’t haven’t practiced [certain] cooking skills and feel they may lack cooking confidence.

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  • Most appliances these days can be found for $100 and less. If you can’t afford it now, see if a family member or friend is looking to upgrade and will give you theirs. Facebook Marketplace can have some good deals too (I got my Keurig 2.0 for $20 because the guy had gotten a newer & bigger Keurig and just wanted to get rid of it).


  • If you can’t find it in some of the ways I mentioned, wait and see if buying the appliance/tool can wait til a special sale/holiday sale or even income tax return time comes around. For example, I recently got a multi-function pressure cooker from Best Buy when they were having a pre-Black Friday sale. Usually this 8 quart cooker is $119.99 and I got it for $39.99.  There are some pretty good settings to inspire cooking confidence:

Credit: Best Buy page for this product
**I am not a Best Buy affiliate and will not receive any profit from this link. This is simply my own recommendation and simply trying to be helpful**

  • Speaking of multi-functions, think about how you could use your appliances for more than just what it’s marketed for. For example, a blender could be used to chop up and not necessarily just blending. Many blenders these days have various settings on them. With my Keurig 2.0, I sometimes use the hot water dispersing setting when I need hot water (or craving one of those Cup of Soups). Other recipes I’ve used call for boiling water, but that Keurig water gets pretty hot (and it’s filtered water!) so it’s worked for me in most cases.


  • If you already own certain appliances and they’re on their last leg/ready for upgrades, why not try out new and healthier options? For example, if you have a small/large deep fryer that takes oil (and room on the counter), why not try an air fryer? They are smaller, relatively cheap and use no (or very little) oil! Put some aluminum foil at the bottom of the basket and you have a much easier cleanup!


I hope that you are inspired to take a look at your kitchen and find enjoyment in the art and science that is cooking, baking and experimenting. I’ll see you next time in another new beautiful month (aka February) in 2020…

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