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Shining Moments January 19th – 25th, 2020

Happy weekend everyone! Hope that your week, your January and your 2020 is going your way. This week was a little rough, lots of changes that happened. The biggest thing that happened this week was that I got into an accident. Cars were stopping and I feel the car in front of me stopped extremely quick and I unfortunately rear-ended her. Of course, this automatically makes me at fault – my 1st accident that I contributed in 17 years of driving (I’ve been driving since Sophmore year with Driver’s Ed in 2003) + it also was the 1st time I’ve had an airbag go off.

Front of car, plastic grille broken


Frontal side view


Since grille was broken, we took it off because it could have become a safety hazard. Now my car looks like it has a black eye and a fat lip lol

So this week’s list is little smaller (as always, in no particular order):

Shining Moments

– Despite the unfortunateness of the accident, people are ok and my car is mostly ok. From an initial review, it’s gonna be replacing the airbag, replacing the seatbelt sensor (it’s locked up, enough I can still click myself in, but kinda uncomfortable), the front bumper and replacing the front brace bar. Of course, until I get it into a body shop, won’t know for certain.

– The car is still driveable and no issues otherwise (once car goes to body shop for repair, I’ll activate my rental car)

– Everyone has been supportive

– 1 minute Cake in a Mug

– Uncustomary did an AMAZING Live on FB Saturday night and it really spoke to me

– I was given a magnet hematite bracelet

– I found Catana Comic’s 2020 Desktop Calendar locally at a Barnes and Noble

– I am starting my new job tomorrow (Monday!), I’m still working out some time with my current job

– Went to a local junkyard to find car parts for my guy’s car with my dad and while the trip didn’t end up being the result we wanted it to be, we ended up still learning some good stuff. I find junkyards fascinating – we recently watched Zombieland, so seeing all these stripped out cars was like equally an post-apocalyptic time and equally amazing that it takes so many parts to put together to make a functioning car. My dad is a mechanic so I have even more respect for my dad and the knowledge and skills he has to have to make cars continue to work

– I found a copy of The Echoing Green’s Defend Your Joy (1994) for under $8

– Watched a video of where kids are playing the Star Wars Theme song on violins but their bows are lit up lightsabers!


– Watched a video of a hockey goalie (in full goalie garb and on the ice) doing the Cha-Cha Slide


Just keep swimming…


I wish you a wonderful week ahead and a great close to the month of January!

Love Jenn, Crescent Moon & Stars

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