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Shining Moments – February 9 – 15, 2020

February is sure flying by (we’re halfway done already!) and there’s been changes & love in the air.

This week’s list may seem sorta small, but I was very occupied this week – finishing up a training manual (ended up being 146 pages + extra stuff copied off in an Appendix section), working all of the jobs, taking up an offer for a side job and taking up a babysitting job. This week was a complete whirlwind, but I definitely got different types of love this week (which just happened to coincide with Valentine’s Day/Week).

Shining moments

– This was my last full-time hour week at my job and I got so many big hugs, compliments and well-wishes

– Everyone at both jobs liked the small goody bags with old-school valentine day cards in them (we’re adults, we don’t get that kind of fun anymore)

– One of the new sales reps came by with cake – yum!

Love his White sheet cake with red and pink hearts and red cake font saying Happy Valentine's Day

– I was given cupcakes for Valentine’s day and gorgeous Calla Lillies as an early birthday present by Chad. He said he had tried to find my fave flower (stargazer lilies), but with it being Valentine’s day, they were very hard to find (or outrageously expensive – we’re on a VERY tight household budget right now). But guess what, I now have a plant that will keep growing vs. a plant that (while beautiful) would have died within a week or two!


– There was a last minute babysitting gig at work and the kids were so much fun! They had never seen WALL-E before so of course I had to educate them ๐Ÿ™‚

– A former boss reached out asking for some help and they made a very generous offer for my on-call temporary help (this will greatly help me building back up an emergency fund – one that doesn’t exist right now)


This week I didn’t have much time for reflection, but as I was scurrying around, it made me think about the relationships that I’ve created – over the past 3 years of the past job or with the new relationships I’ve made (and making) at the new one. There are so many types of love and relationships. My Superpower is bringing joy and happiness to others, whether I’ve known you 3 minutes or 3 years. What’s your type of favorite love and what is your superpower? How can you bring both of those to the upcoming week?


Let’s love and shine bright together…

Love Jenn, Crescent Moon & Stars

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