Fall Bucket List Challenge
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Fall Bucket List Challenge

Hey everyone, Happy 1st day of October!

We’re still waiting for fall to truly arrive here in Charleston, but we had very nice weather yesterday. Still in the lower to mid 80s here, but that’s not stopping us from prepping for fall. We already have fall events lined up, the fair will be at the end of the month and pumpkin patches popping up everywhere. I’ve already been burning fall candles and wax melts and beginning to decorate our home. I’m SO ready for fall!

Has Fall reached your area yet? Any leaves changing, fall festivals, football games? I’d love for you to share with me your pictures and fun things you’ve done or have planned. If you don’t have anything planned out yet, then I have the perfect thing for you! I’ve created a Fall Bucket List Challenge just for you. Cross off what you’ve done and keep up with me on social media as I post pictures of what I’ve been up to. I’ll be posting on Instagram.

Click below to get the full PDF download of the Fall Bucket List!

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Day 1 – Fall/Halloween Candy & Sweets

Hershey Candy Corn Bar was not very good by the way. I thought I’d like it because I love Cookies n Creme, but I definitely did not like it. I’ve had a couple of praline based items lately (something you can typically get here in Charleston almost anytime), but the sugar and buttered pecans just taste sooooooo good during the fall season. I’ve been thinking about making some sort of fudge this year. Figured now would be a good time to experiment before giving it out for Christmas gifts.



Day 2 – Crockpot













LOVE my crockpot. #ImARealAdult. I’ve now grown to 2 sizes – one as pictured and one of larger oval shaped ones that I got from a Goodwill (thrift store for my non-US friends) for $7.99! I can’t wait to try out some new recipes that I found. I’m thinking a chili, a beef stew and a pot roast will be in order here soon. Also, check out my favorite slow cooker Mac n Cheese recipe here.



Day 3 – Birdseed ornaments

I don’t know about you, but birdseed reminds me of fall. Why not relive childhood memories and help your feathered friends with seeds for the upcoming fall/winter season? Very easy to make and won’t take too long at all. A perfect craft to make during a rainy October day and once the sun comes out again, you can hang them up. Bonus points for fall shaped ornaments! Check your grocery store, supermarket or craft store for fall/Halloween cookie cutters. Makes perfect shapes and cleanup is easier!



Day 4 –  Fall leaves mason car craft         











How cool is this? Fake leaves (got mine from Dollar Tree), Mod Podge and mason jars. Too easy! Check out the tutorial here.  I’m obsessed with candles, so adding leaves and a mason jar is a great easy craft!



6) Candles/wax melts










Who doesn’t love fall scented candles?! Both Walmart and Kohl’s had great sales lately, so I got a bunch. These are some of my favorites and I can’t wait for our home to smell like my favorite season!



7) Visit a Farmer’s Market

What’s a better way to spend a Saturday than at a Farmer’s Market? We got several around here now, one almost daily depending on the season. It’s a great to get out, walk about and get some easy-paced exercise, learn about the area and the people around it, grab some favorites or find some news, support your local people and of course in fall, take part in the harvest. Take a few extra moments to really let the experience sink in – what are you smelling, what are you seeing, what are you hearing, what’s the weather like, etc. If you get some goodies from the market, take a few other extra moments to enjoy your goodies – whether it be food or a craft or memento item. Enjoy the flavor(s), the color(s), scents and the emotions behind it.


Check back next week for Part 2 of the Fall Bucket List Challenge. I’ll be posting on the blog on Sundays for this month, so make sure you check out next week’s set. I’ll be posting daily on social media – follow me and share your fall favorites. You can find me @cresmoonstars on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and on Facebook on the Crescent Moon & Stars page or my Facebook group, Shine Bright.


Let’s shine bright together,

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