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#theimperfectboss is back!

Hello again everyone!  I’ve never double posted in one day but I just HAVE to share something amazing and incredible.

You might remember seeing #theimperfectboss back in May of this year. What an IMPRESSIVE and FREEING experience! May 2016 should have broke the internet! Ashley Beaudin, founder of Fire + Wind Co. and The Imperfect Boss, hosted a 3 challenge of letting your imperfections take on a new light. Over the course of THREE DAYS, #theimperfectboss took a life of its own. May’s campaign showcased:
  • over 670 women took part
  • over 1200 posts on Instagram and
  • over 1,100,000 impressions on Twitter & Instagram.

It was real, it was raw, it was honest, it was brutally open and it was incredibly beautiful.Now, Ashley is hosting again October 3-5th and I wholly intend to participate once again. While the thought of sharing or confessing information you’d rather not share, the feeling of letting it go is freedom. Seeing women talk about themselves (examples were I didn’t shower today and I ate whatever I want today/screw diet to business/blogging (examples were I have no clue what I’m doing, I don’t know if I should continue doing this to I launched 5 businesses and they all failed) was inspiring. Knowing that other women were feeling the same feelings, doubts and emotions made me feel less insecure. Who knew that I had a twin out there feeling the same thing I did?!


It’s time to raise the veil over our eyes and embrace our imperfections. They make us who we are, otherwise we are all just robots and not individuals. Being robotic is not living an empowered, fulling, passionate or purposeful life.

Check out The Imperfect Boss, use the hashtag #theimperfectboss on Twitter and Instagram to join hundreds of women October 3-5th, making an impact on the world, making difference in your own life and empowering women all over.


Shine bright
<3 Jenn

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