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Shining Moments: March 8th – 14th, 2020

Hello everyone! I know that right now, everywhere is a hot mess. The coronavirus sure is making some chaos, panic and other unfun things. We are all being hounded by messages of “It’s a [global] pandemic,” “Stock up,” “Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds,” “Sanitize everything,” and many more messages. All of these are definitely important, however, it’s in times like this that we are to be vigilant, but not in a panic.

It is times like this, we must exercise the goodness of our humanity:

– If you have a neighbor struggling or in trouble, help them out.

– If you have spare supplies, please share.

– If you don’t have supplies but have some time (ex: to watch your neighbor’s kids while the parents attempt to find whatever supply they need), please consider donating your time.

– If you can afford to take a day off so that another coworker (who can’t afford to miss a shift) can have hours/get some sort of a paycheck, please consider taking a day to yourself/your family. It would be a great way for you to get some self care in, finish that project around the house, read a book, plan a picnic outside with your kids while helping someone else to not have financial strain.

– If you hear someone sneeze, offer a bless you and a kleenex. It’s allergy season folks, pollen sucks when you have allergies.

– If you are out shopping and have hand sanitizer, please consider sharing.

– If your neighbors have kids and/or pets, try to pick up a little something to give to distract, create memories, share joy, etc

– Check on your family, friends, neighbors, elderly, compromised immune systems and all pets. Even if you know they are or think that they are ok, verbally say the words: “Is there anything I can help you with [to make your life easier]?” Just knowing that SOMEONE cares will go a long way in these unpleasant times. We’ve gone beyond “Leave no child behind” – we’ve now escalated to “Leave NO ONE behind.”

– Leave the politics behind. Right now, this issue is happening, but it’s happening GLOBALLY. This isn’t just happening to one state, one section of the country or 1 country or even 1 continent. Let the local/state/country politics go right now and focus on assisting the people living next to, above, below, behind, working with you and those in unfortunate situations.

Like many other viruses, illnesses and other biohazards, we will get through this. Be mindful of the power of social media – here in the US, our shelves are empty of toilet paper. Even Amazon is temporary out of stock. Why? No idea, but most likely social media + panic. Grocery stores are closing a little earlier (2-3 hours shorter than normal) for cleaning, stocking and employee relief. Hotels and Restaurants are having cancellations and/or going down to a smaller staffing crew. Work hours and availability are going to be changing and that also creates panic due to financial strain. Schools are beginning to shut down for about 2-4 weeks for cleaning and trying to minimize spreading it further, things are going to start getting “interesting.” I have no doubts that tv streaming services + Pinterest will be your friend trying to keep kids occupied and/or educated. Pretend that this is just an extra spring break or a trial run of summer vacation. I know it can be very difficult, but to my parents – you’ve done it before and I know you’re going to get through this!!!!

I know that the supply shortage is ridiculous. My household is 80% by myself, but between my guy traveling between here and his kids, our household size = usually 2. Trying to find toilet paper took me almost 3 days. This Friday was normal payday = grocery shopping time. Luckily I found some more, so I will be sending those to blessing boxes in my city so that homeless or very vulnerable people can have toilet paper. I can only imagine a homeless person (without access to the internet or news) spending what money they do have to get a bus to a grocery store only to find out there isn’t any. Restaurants and hotels are beginning to lock up supplies or on a ask-for-it-to-use-it basis because people are stealing it. I’m sure soon our Facebooks are going to be local “ads” of bartering flushable wipes and paper towels for toilet paper and peanut butter. I know that I spent more than I wanted to the other day, but I also knew that with the uncertainty of school closing here or not and the uncertainty of when the next delivery trucks would be, to get what supplies were left.

I urge you to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be patient and not let panic set in. Things are going to be tight, it’s not going to be [as] fun. Simply do the very best that you can do. In these times of uncertainty, please be willing to look out for your neighbors and fellow man. It’s very easy to get into the “I” and “me” and “MY family”, “OUR jobs”, etc. If we can all band together (similar to when there is a tornado, hurricane, flooding or another disaster of some sort) AND be smart about how we are living (and by this I mean supplies, germ spreading, etc), we can all make it just fine.ย  There’s been some sort of virus almost every 1-2 years (Sars, Swine flu, Avian flu, Zika…you name it) and we’ve all survived it.ย  That’s a pretty damn good track record!

So to keep on the positive thinking train, here is this week’s Shining Moments…

Shining Moments

– Despite the long lines and little supplies, people are being nice enough to each other. I’ve had some pleasant conversations and laughter in the long lines. People are sharing ideas and thoughts how to make things stretch. I haven’t seen any real cases of people being ugly (just frustrated with long lines) towards another, but I’m not ignorant enough to know that it isn’t happening.

– In searching for some supplies, it was interesting to see what was being taken.

– In also searching for said supplies, trying to get creative with the remaining products was a satisfying enough challenge

– I did find toilet paper for my family and some extras so I can share others in the local blessing boxes

– Work is being very informative, keeping us updated and realistic. I might have to be picking up some desk shifts, but at least I’ll have hours

– I got to babysit for 2 kids and made some decent money

– Since the library may or may not close, I went ahead and ordered the newest Patricia Briggs book off Amazon (note: I am not an affiliate, this is just where I bought it in case you would like your own copy. She is an amazing writer!). Time for that new book smell and a perfect time, amidst our own chaos, for aย  kickass heroine (although the character wouldn’t call herself that).

– Found some free and some very cheap Kindle books. Not that I really need any more books- who am I kidding?!


Progress on 32 Things
*For the full list, check out my birthday post 32 Birthdays and 32 Things*

On my list was to go see the Lights at Magnolia Plantation – Chinese Lantern. It is/was here from mid-November to mid-March. I was concerned that with the coronavirus that it was going to get canceled like many other things this weekend and this month (we have a good bit of things that were canceled or moved into the fall). It seems that events that are outdoors but are closed packed (like a St. Paddy’s block party, a Bridge Run, events at a sports stadium) have been canceled. For outdoor events but more open, things seem to still be on – luckily the Lights were one of those. I am happy to say that I was able to cross this one off the list. It was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO gorgeous. I went on a Friday night and it was a little busier than I had expected (probably because of the canceled events this weekend) but not enough that I was worried. In order to spread some positivity and joy, I’ve made this particular album public to view. Check it out here – Enjoy!


Share what you can.

Play nice with others.

Don’t panic.

Spread positivity, not germs.

Wash your hands, cover your coughs and sneezes.

Prep as well as you can.

We’re gonna get thru this.

Let’s make positivity and good things go viral instead.


Wishing you an overabundance of health, financial blessings, stocked supplies and happiness. Let’s all shine bright together in a time that may look bleak. The light we shine together will overcome the darkness.

Love Jenn, Crescent Moon & Stars

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