Happy Mother's Day!
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Happy Mother’s Day

Today is a special today, the 2nd Sunday of May and that’s Mother’s Day here in the US. I wish a Happy Mother’s Day to all types of moms – 2 legs, 4 legs, Rainbow babies, Moms-to-be and those who have mother-like spirits. All moms give great sacrifices and today I want to give a special honoring shoutout to my Mom. This woman is my rock ya’ll. She has a strength that is inspiring despite any life situation or illnesses that don’t have a positive track, she has a heart that is SOOOO giving (to family, to friends, to me as her daughter, to HUNDREDS of children that she helped in one way or another as a mother and as past PTA President), she is so considerate of others. She instills passion, a drive to others, and respect towards humans and animals.


I have grown to be a wonderful woman (as I am often told) and it is due to the guidance of an amazing woman. She has taught me life skills that has gotten me thru tough times and tough people. She has shown me how a personality can shine thru the darkness and become a light that people need. She has shown me the way on how to be a better human being. She has shown me different styles of love – the motherly guiding love, the motherly hard love, the fur-loving kind. She has let me grown and spread my wings while still keeping a watchful eye. If I was soaring, she was smiling. If I was falling, she was there to catch me. Under her guidance, my own personality was able to shine through.


To the woman who raised a high-energy child (hello ADHD when it wasn’t well known), to the woman who struggled to keep a kid prone to ear infections and bronchitis healthy and well, to the woman who taught myself and others the power of friendship, to the woman who fought for the education for myself and for HUNDREDS of other children, to the woman who is not afraid to fight for what she believes in and her passions as she is fighting to make a better way for so many and for even more for the future, to the woman who introduced life’s quirks (the good and the bad), to the woman who introduced me to life’s good things and to fun things – Dan’s Beef Jerky, Raspberry Zingers, Wild Cherry Pepsi, both Chocolate and Banana Nesquick, Bike rides, Seven Sister Roses and the those tiny yellow roses (that I always tried eating), Allowing me to constantly be outside on the swing set or in my playhouse, Sewing tables and making clothes that was fun, Walking to school and walking to the stores, Walking to the parks/playgrounds/duck ponds, Playing Grocery store, Riding along in wagons, Dressing up in costumes, Indulging me in my Beauty and the Beast obsession (which hasn’t changed btw haha), Taking me to see movies, especially Disney ones [saw Aladdin and Beauty in the Beast originally in theaters] and during the summer months, Keeping all of my stuffed animals in a crocheted net that she made, Instilling a awe of Christimas and the Christmas Spirit, Showing me that there’s beauty in black and white and in color, Showing me the beauty and respect of nature of flowers and animals, a brief stint in Girl Scouts, Teaching me about Church & the awesomeness that is God, Teaching that moves may be sad but they are a step towards a new adventure, Allowing me to paint a room that the color looked better on the walls, Stringing up Christmas lights on ceilings, Bringing home pets of all kinds (we’re DEF a Resue family haha), Playing all kinds of games (especially boardgames), Trying new recipes and making classics (especially fudgey brownies and rice krispies) and also learning the smoke dectector is the song of our people haha, Guiding me through situations are simply life lessons that everyone goes through, Letting me use her car when I 1st started learning to drive (and going to the abandoned parking lot to practice and heading to the dmv to practice parallel parking), The endless help (and arugements) with homework, Picking me up from High School when I took advil on an empty stomach and puked for 8 miles straight and for 3 hours, Showing me how to get creative and make the best of what I have/tools in front of me, Taking a road trip to Florence to look at Francis marion Univeristy, Watching me walk across the stage for High School graduation, Letting me make my own decision about postponing college, Supporting me as I worked Full time and then made the decision to go to College/part time job, Watching me walk across the stage for College, Giving advice as I started navigating real jobs, Supporting me in the relationships that I pursued, Assiting me finacially when I’ve gotten into some tough times, Talking to me everyday even though I’m only a 30 min drive aways…


I could just go on forever guys. I have 31 years of memories and this is just a glimpse of such an amazing woman.  Today I honor the woman who is my Mom:


“I’ll love you forever,

I’ll like you for always,

as long as I’m living

my {mom} you’ll be.” – taken from and slightly modified from Love You Forever by Robert Munsch


I love so you much Mom and I wish you a great Happy Mother’s Day – whether its the 2nd Sunday of May or just another Tuesday.

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