Hey everyone!

Hot off the press! Check out my interview with Wendy de Jong, owner of The Gratefulist. She is full of heart and passion as she helps other creatives let go of their perfectionism and embrace their perfectly imperfect selves. A woman totally after my own heart!

We all struggle with the idea of our own idea of being the best we can be and add that with what society expects and the ones we love wanting good things for us.

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Hello again everyone!  I’ve never double posted in one day but I just HAVE to share something amazing and incredible.

You might remember seeing #theimperfectboss back in May of this year. What an IMPRESSIVE and FREEING experience! May 2016 should have broke the internet! Ashley Beaudin, founder of Fire + Wind Co. and The Imperfect Boss, hosted a 3 challenge of letting your imperfections take on a new light. Over the course of THREE DAYS, #theimperfectboss took a life of its own.
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The Blogging world… the next frontier.

You’re running a blog? Congrats!

You’re thinking of starting a blog? Congrats, it’s an awesome, exciting world out there.


You probably already know how much there is involved in the blogging – the planning, the writing, the proofreading, the publishing, the promoting, the scheduling, the social media platforms, the interaction on your blog, the interaction on your social media… there’s a lot involved.

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Money, Money, Money. Say it 3 times and it’ll appear in 48 hours right? What about that money tree?

If you’re anything like me and any other average person, the words: money, budget, finance, investment, taxes all probably stress you the hell out. Honestly, the way things are these days, it should come as no surprise. This however, then means it comes to us to make sure that WE are responsible for OUR money and OUR actions regarding money.

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Creative spark?
“That light’s gone out!”

“I don’t have time to make dinner let alone anything else!”

“I don’t know how to [insert craft.]”

“I just don’t have the money for supplies for what I want to do/create!”


Sound familiar? I totally get it.

Just this month alone…

  • 4 birthdays
  • bad storms almost every afternoon
  • I’ve been having bad headaches
  • QA (Quality Assurance) inspector prep work + they came into work this Sunday/Monday (I work at a hotel,

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