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Armed Forces Day

Happy Armed Forces Day!



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We’ve covered what Armed Forces Week/Day is and learned a little about each Military Service Branch. I also hope that you learned about some of the military charities and organizations out there that are helping honor and support the heroes of the United States of America, past present and future.


I believe that while we DEEP DOWN do support our troops, we tend to get caught up in our own lives and can sometimes forget about what a deep sacrifice our military has given. As they swear in, they are giving up their own identities, putting their current life on hold and the responsibilities that go along with being a “daily human.” They swear to God, their Branch, to Country. Their families usually take a back seat for a little bit. That’s hard. On them and for their families and those that love them. All have to adjust. All due to a selfless act of relinquishing control over their own lives, to become a single unit and unified, to become a family in their own right and living the brother/sister-hood of being in the US Military. The selfless sacrifice that sometimes, sorrowfully and painfully for those left behind, the ultimate sacrifice of one’s life for those they’re fighting for. Those they love, those they cherish, those they wish to keep the safest, the ultimate call to protect and defend, the love of country, the love of life.



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Sometimes, we forget that. We are appreciative and thankful, but let’s be honest, we all forget.


I met my Marine after he finished his tours, so no, I can’t tell you the EXACT intensity of what a deployment feels like. He’s shared experiences and stories with me and sometimes my mind just can’t wrap my mind around it. 10 years = 6 tours.







I’ve adopted units of the years. I’ve sent letters, I’ve sent care packages. It’s a great feeling, helping those who are protecting us. One unit was about 400 people. My parents helped out immensely and that year, for Valentine’s day, we sent out a (yes, cheesy haha) valentine’s day card (like you would get in elementary school), lollipops, hot cocoa powder, some fun decorations and every single member also got a box of candy conversation hearts for themselves. It’s so hard to describe the feeling of how good it feels to help take care of those who are away from home, their families and their everyday lives compared to being out on the front lines. We may say that some days are hell, and granted some days we live are NOT fun, but ask any front line service member and I’m pretty sure they can tell you what hell feels like sometimes.


Sometimes the real hell doesn’t start til they get back home. It’s extremely hard to transition from military to civilian lifestyle. Add on any wounds and injuries, add on PSTD and other conditions, for some it’s a new baby to come home to. These men and women served our country, our lands, our “interests,” isn’t it MORE than fair enough that we take care of them? On and off the field? Active or Retired?

I’d like you to look back over this week and reflect on what our military service means to you.




How can you support and honor our active service and veterans?


  • Do you have a story, an idea or opinion that you wanna share? Email it to me.
  • Tweet something to support and honor our military or become an advocate for a cause.
  • Find Pins that speak to you or are helpful to others. Maybe to help military families and spouses cope.
  • Check back on some of the links I’ve shared this week. Find more! They’re out there!
  • Adopt a soldier or a unit. It doesn’t have to be extravagant or blowing the budget out of the water. A  simple letter means the world to them. It shows they’re cared for and gives them hope and cause to live for.
  • Visit your local Veterans hospital (VA) or other local military organization/support.
  • Thank a soldier or veteran when you see them. If you work in a place where you look at IDs often and you see a military ID, thank them for whatever they’re doing with you and thank them for their service. You’ll be surprised how many people I’ve surprised thanking while checking them into a hotel. Don’t forget to thank their families and spouses too!
  • Visit some of your local parks. All the pics in this post come from the Mount Pleasant Memorial Waterfront Park here in Charleston, SC.
  • Support charities, fundraisers and events when you can/if in your area.





Let’s show our military how much we honor and support them…



Shine bright

<3 Jenn


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