Reflection for the 2017 New Year
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Reflection for the 2017 New Year

As 2016 is ending (thank Goodness, I just can’t even!) and 2017 is about to start, it’s now the annual time for everyone to reflect on the good and perhaps even bittersweet moments of the year.

Let’s jump right on in!


I want you to take a journal that makes you happy and that you’ll want to write in and/or reflect on (or a plain notebook if that makes you happy!), some plain poster board (5 sheet pack for $1 at the Dollar Tree) ย or even this beautiful Gold Glitter Poster Board from Staples (only $3.99. I know! It’s GORGEOUS!)

Journal Covers
Yeah, I might have a journal addiction haha

Gold Glitter Poster Board from Staples


Goal Making Web Rough Draft
Made rough draft goal making on poster boards


Starting off with Success

To start off with, ย I want you to write EVERY SINGLE success that you experienced this year. It can be as small as “I woke up on time *mostly* this year”, “I was able to open a spaghetti jar by myself all the way” to “I started a new job” (bonus points if you absolutely adore it and it’s totally your passion), got a new car, made more income than expected, started a new business… you get the picture.

Don’t worry if you feel like you’re moving around different aspects of your life constantly, let your mind do its thing and your stream of consciousness flow. Once you feel you’ve gotten everything out, take a quick moment to go do something else and then come back to it. I want you to know look over what you wrote, drew, etc down. Share with someone in the room/hous or a special place if you’re comfortable doing so. I want you to notice the things you picked and the emotions surrounding them. What do you notice? Are you seeing time spent with friends? Are you seeing growth in your career or business and reaching or goals? Are you noticing that you’re getting alot of possessions that you certainly worked hard for? Are you noticing where your money is flowing in and out of? Are your relationships (dating or friends and family) meaningful?

For those with positive trends, focus on how you’ve accomplished them and the emotions you experienced. On a different set of paper or other mediums, write these down (think like a pro/con list). For those with negative, lackluster or otherwise “why is this here?” trends, focus on what they are and why you’re doing/have done them. Are they stepping stones to a greater purpose or are they little trails off the main path? Is anything toxic, unnecessarily stressful, worthless, expendable or simply uneasy and uncomfortable about? On the back side of (or another set of paper or medium), write things you would get rid of, no strings attached.


Setting up the Goals

Once you get everything sorted out there, take another quick moment to go do something else. You just sorted thru a lot of emotions and experiences and memories, take a second to let it all go before you come back. Now once you’re refreshed and in a more neutral state of mind, relook at the positives. These made you happy right? Perhaps wish you made more of these memories? Well guess what, THESE are your goals to really focus on for 2017. More positive – more happy you!

Now take a look at your negatives. Are you seeing any trends there? Did you not commit to things you said you would or that you wanted to? Did you not get to the gym like you told yourself that you would? Are you spending the quality (NOT necessarily quantity) time with the people who you care for the most or are you spending it in a routine, robotic and perhaps miserable way? These are things you DON’T want for 2017 and they are your driving force for a goal list and an action plan. Take the negatives and do the opposite! How’s that for motivation? It’s pretty simple and we all get trapped by life and blinded by it: DON’T do what you DON’T want to to! Theoretically it’s as easy as that!

Knowing what you DON’T want and how to do the opposite will take time, but guess what? You have 365 days to figure it out! 52 weeks baby! You got this! It will also take effort.

Guess what, DON’T go all hung ho over it! YOU. WILL. GET. BURNOUT!!!!
#BeenThereDoneThat #NoThanks #IllPass.



There will be days you just DON’T want to do any of it. Good for you! Take that time! Netflix and chill, eat that pint of ice cream, watch a movie, play a video game, color, draw, paint, read, journal, do whatever the heck you want to! You’re not a machine! You’re not meant to go on forever and ever. Even the Energizer bunny has to get his batteries replaced at some point! Take you time. Invest in yourself: physical, mentally and emotionally. Everything else will factor in after that. It’s very true what they say: You can’t pour into other people’s cups if your’s is empty. It’s hard to take care of others if you’re drained and completely worn out.

Reflect on your successes this year, cherish the moments and memories made. There were gifts even to you, whether or not at the time you thought of it that way. The past is the past, you can’t change it. Time flies by, even as I’m typing this, the seconds and minutes spent typing can never be physically recovered, reused, rolled over to next month (we can all wish right?!) It’s past time we revel in our successes, learn from what didn’t work and why and in that knowledge and wisdom, make even greater adventures, endless opportunities and grander successes than the ones we made in 2016. 2017 will be grand I’m sure of it!


Shine bright this 2017. It’s going to be a great year.

Love Jenn, Crescent Moon & Stars

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