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Happy Flag Day

Happy Flag Day!!!


Hope that you’re having a great Tuesday! Today is Flag Day and while we may not really know about it, it’s still an important holiday to the United States.


You may remember covering Flag Day back in elementary school. I know I do. Before the days of computers being used to write out reports, and a particular teacher wanting it typed out, I remember working on this 5 page report with my mom on her typewriter, putting colorful holographic flags on the cover page. I’m pretty sure my mom has it tucked away somewhere. Here it now being some 20 years later, doing that report for Flag Day still brings memories to me.


The colors on the US flag are not without significance. According to USFlag.org, the following colors and their significance are explained: “White signifies purity and innocence, Red, hardiness & valour, and Blue, the color of the Chief (the broad band above the stripes) signifies vigilance, perseverance & justice.”


While it may not be a federal holiday (sorry, no time off today!), it is still very important as a memorandum/observance holiday.  Observance has been around since June 14th,  1777 as it has been deemed it was then than the original United States flag, with its 13 stars (one for each of the colonies) as well as the 13 red and white stripes was born. President Wilson had called forth a proclamation for a national observance of Old Glory on June 14th, 1916. It wasn’t til 1949 when President Truman (along with other declarations – see my post from Armed Forces Week for more details –   Armed Forces Week Pt. 1 (Marines + Army)) that Flag Day actually became to fruition and official.  Since it is not an official holiday, each year the President is asked to issue a proclamation stating that June 14th as Flag Day and the week up leading to it as National Flag week, urging citizens and governmental officials to display the Star Spangled Banner proudly. 21 days later, we then celebrate July 4th, Independence Day.  In addition to other celebrations such as parades and festivals on June 14th, it is often that that American Legion Posts as well as Scout Troops will offer and conduct dignified flag burnings for flags that are well past mending. A flag is never to be simply thrown again as it is seen as an act of disrespect towards flag and country.


While it can be argued about the condition of the United States, one thing still remains strong: Old Glory flying, bold colors and white stars, symbolic of the nation we live in. Despite the current negativity in America, let’s celebrate and remember what it means to be an American. Let’s honor those who have fallen in order to give us a tomorrow.  Let’s honor the Stars and Stripes…




So what does the American flag mean to you?
How are you celebrating Flag Day this year?

Comment below, email me or send me a tweet (@cresmoonstars)!

Shine bright…

<3 Jenn



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