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Shining Moments (Weekly Gratitude & Reflection)

Shining Moments (1/6-1/12)

Hi everyone! I hope that you’ve had a good week and a great weekend. I’m currently working today for my full time job, but I have some breaks in between (I’m currently writing this at the airport, improvising!!!). It’s that time again for Shining Moments, a weekly gratitude/awareness post.

Note: Since I’m at the airport and am writing this on the fly, I don’t have the pictures I wanted to attach for this week. Also this post is written as my thoughts came to me (usually I try to write from Sun – Sat order). When I revise this post later on this week, I will fix that so if you come back to post later and you see things in different order, you’re not crazy!

– It was Pay What You Can Day at the Yorktown (Naval Museum) – I got to enjoy some nice weather, got ALOT of steps and stairs in (I’m talking about walking for 3 hours – note: 3 hours of walking weekly DEFINITELY acheived) and used my good camera (note: 1 monthly photoshoot minimum has been achieved!)

– Got to pick up my cousin and had amazing chili cheese dogs and side of potatoes with family (attempted to eat a spoonful of mixed kale salad, that was a BIG nope)

– A former coworker that I adored (and still do!) had her coffeemaker go out, I was able to save the day with a spare coffeemaker that I had.

– Her place was very close to a duck pond that I visited as a kid and they still had the light tree for Christmas in the middle of the pond and the colored lights on the pond (it was so pretty!)

– Despite working being closed for a few days, I was able to use vacation (since I’ve been there 2 years in Feb, I now have 10 days of vacation vs 5), so I didn’t lose 3 days of pay (whew!)

– Made homemade chocolate covered almonds – used light cocoa chocolate candy melts from the baking area in the craft section from walmart, used the great value dry roasted and lightly salted almonds, heated up in a small pot, threw in the almonds to coat and plucked them out to air dry on parchment paper – I’ve been buying milk chocolate covered almonds from the gas station and that’s been adding up + I’m more in control of the ingredients

– I went to Whole Foods to walk/around shop for the 1st time (I’ve been in before but it was to get a gift card for someone and I happened to get a slice of pizza while I was there that day). Picked up some milk and a pancake/waffle mix that has 16g of protein in it

– Went to church on Sunday and it happened to be Connect weekend – my Pastor personally emailed me Monday to follow up and I was given a Small Group recommendation to connect (something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile)

– Made Perdue organic chicken tenders (really good) and an unknown brand potato wedges (meh)

– Made Chocolate no bakes from a family recipe, I ended up making them into star shapes with my cookie cutter

– Found cute kitty stickerย  in the parking lot in my apartment complex ( it’s the small things haha)

– In general and from the weekend, Pizza is delicious

– Made decent enough money during past few nights on UberEats

– I’ve been having some major stomach issues (think it’s been a combo of ingredients that’s been making my stomach so sick lately). Think I might have discovered a new allergey/sensitivity to Soy – I’ve been trying to watch the ingredients list and I am seeing a difference already

– Been drinking more water and juice vs soda – I’ve had a couple here and there but NOTHING like I had been drinking before

– Did a final weigh in for a maintain don’t gain challenge at work. Mid December I was 250.2 lbs, I weighed in on the last day (Jan. 7th), was at 244.8 – total of 5.4 lbs lost!! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

– My manager and my department head gave me their approval to pursue a Leadership course at work (it takes 10 months and a lot of commitment). Now my application and resume go the Leadership course review committee and I’ll hear by the end of the month. The Director of Training is rooting for me, I emailed her about my eligibility before submitting an offical application and she was impressed by my enthusiasm and well thought arguement.

– During the meeting to get my department head’s signature, we had a really good talk about my career goals, pros/cons and he gave me sincere and well appreciated compliments (such as that I definitely well deserved to take the Leadership Course and how much he appreciated my work ethic and drive to pursue projects and problems)

– I got to pick up my prize for the Maintain Don’t Gain challenge – it’s a metal water bottle (yay for another bottle to have around, it’s really pretty. It’s a metallic green to blue ombre that says Everyday we’re hustlin’)

– I found a couple of lip balms that I had misplaced (the weather got cold recently and my lips were dry and cracked)


What a week right?! But it was a good one. What was your week like? Comment below or tag me (@cresmoonstars) on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest. Don’t forget to use our hash tag #letshinebrightogether.

I look forward to hearing how your week (good or bad or meh) and as always, Shine Bright!

Love Jenn, Crescent Moon & Stars



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