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Shining Moments (Weekly Gratitude & Reflection)

Shining Moments : 12/30/18 – 1/5/19

I hope that everyone is having an amazing start to 2019.

It’s almost always bittersweet to see a year end and become nostalgic, but also eager for new adventures for an upcoming year. Work was quiet and I focused on getting things cleaned out of my desk (ALL the paper, I think we can all relate haha) and working on year end stuff for the accounting department. Christmas was nice and the last few days of 2018 just WHIZZED right on through!

Here’s to the last shining moments of 2018 and to the new glimmers of 2019!

– It’s the end of 2018!

– While not the best night, I did make some money doing Lyft rides on New Year’s Eve. I stopped around 11pm, so I know the real $$$ was to be made after midnight, but I didn’t want to have to deal with drunks, possible cleanup and also I wanted to watch the ball drop in the comfort of my own home.

– Was able to get home in time just to settle and pop on the ball drop (T- minus 5 minutes – whew, that was a close haha)

– It’s now 2019! New year, new chapters, new adventures…

– Spent time at my aunt/uncle/cousins and mapped out my goals and intentions for 2019

– Got 32 oz of water in me (I hate drinking plain water, but this wasn’t bad + my water bottle makes it much easier to drink – almost challenge like)

water bottle







– Made the effort to take the stairs more

– Spent time with my roommate – wentย shopping, had enough points for a free movie at Redbox, got our own dinner and watched Predator (the newest one – we got 1/2 way thru before giving up on it – its ok, just long and wasn’t quite holding our attention)

– Was given a little heart for my keychain

heart for keychain








– We’ve had some SERIOUS fog lately and for once, it wasn’t that bad and we got a break after 5 days of the REALLY thick fog

– Despite two fire alarms going off at work, it was still a quiet day

– I had a headlight out on my car and instead of getting bent out of shape about it, I decided to take the night off (especially since earlier that day was so weird) and go to bed early (like 8:30/9pm early haha)

– Got the headlight bulb and installed all on my own

Sarah Steckler hosted a live party for her Mindful Productivity Planner (it’s amazing, go get it!) – we were all having so much fun, it ended up going for almost 1.5 hours! (Check out her blog and podcasts while you’re at it!

– Lunch was popcorn shrimp and loaded potato skins (nom nom)

– I got to see a repeat UberEats customer 2x in one week ๐Ÿ™‚

– Made GOOD money on Saturday doing UberEats for only a fewย  hours worth of work (roughly about $25/hr, woot! Some days are good and some aren’t so good haha)

– Re-did my habits on my habit tracker to reflect my current goals

– Got a blog post in (I’ve missed writing!), check it out:ย 2019 Goals + January Goals


I don’t have a weekly reflection for this week. I think my reflection was done with family and also listed out in my goals.

What are some good things that happened to you this week? If it wasn’t necessarily the best thing, what was the purpose for it (ie.ย did something happen that may have had a better result for someone else instead of you?). Sometimes finding the silver lining in the not-so-good things is hard but it keeps us focused and helps prevent from getting bitter about life events. I’d love to hear from you! Comment below or tag me (@cresmoonstars) on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #letshinebrightogether!

See you next week!

Shine bright,

Love Jenn, Crescent Moon & Stars

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