2019 Goals & January Goals
Reaching For the Stars (Monthly Goals & Bucket List)

2019 Goals + January Goals

I hope that everyone has had a great start to the New Year! It’s already Day 5, can you believe it?!

One of my goals is re-committing to writing blog posts again. I got wrapped up in personal things and I’ve been able to get some things finished up and other things off of my mind, so I’m ready to get focused on my Yearly Word: Roots.

This might sound like an odd word, but this year is about starting from the beginning, focusing on the bottom up and re-growing. This year involves trimming back the tangles and unwanted items to be able to grow. It is also me wanting to look into my ancestry (on the Scottish side) and host the Clan Bell tent at the Highland Games at the Boone Hall Plantation this year.

I wrote out my goals and intentions this year with family and this is what I came up with. This is not set in stone however. In years past, if I didn’t meet the goal, I got discouraged and gradually it just fell by the wayside. I will be flexible this year and tweak as needed.

Monthly goals (all year):

– Read 2-3 booksย (either regular book or ebook)
– 1 photoshoot minimum
Rachel Wojo‘s monthly Bible reading challenge
– Follow budget set up and stick to it
– Get back to writing here

Weekly (all year):

– Journal 2x a week
– Play the Xbox
– Go to church/watch online
– [Find a small group] (depending on current availability and if I can work regular classes/meetups into my schedule)
– Keep up weekly on the budget
– Lose 2 lbs a week
– Walk 3 hours a week (either 3 – 1 hour sessions or 6-30 min sessions)
– Do 1 list in each 52 Lists book (check out the 52 Lists Project and the 52 Lists for Happiness here on Amazon)
– Write/post weekly gratitude posts

Daily (all year):

– Have water, tea or coffee 1st before (or instead of) soda
– Bible & Devotional Reading
– Day vitamins
– Be on time for work (I’ve been late here and there and I want to set a better example)
– Put clothes in the hamper (I’ve been lazy and/or so busy clothes end up on the floor somewhere – leading to a mess everywhere)
– Clean 15 minutes a day
– Food tracker (not necessarily counting calories, but keeping track of food to see what I’m eating and to see if I can’t find why my stomach is constantly upset)
– Daily gratitude
– Face wash/cream
– Read 30 mins (either regular book or ebook)
– Calm/Pacifica app
– Night vitamins

January Specific Goals:

– Make a list of goals (ha, one down already!)
– Clean out the sunroom & decorate it to make it my zen space
– Spend time with family and friends
– Organize the books on the bookshelf
– Re-create the chair/book zone
– Put clothes away/fold/in storage
– Play Xbox more (bonus points if finish Sonic 2)
– Do daily and weekly check insย to keep up with my progress or to tweak things
– Lookup new recipes/meal prep


What are your goals for 2019 – for the year, for the month, for the week or daily? If you don’t have goals (or if they’re personal to you), what’s your theme(s) and/or intention for the year? I’d love to help you with them and I can use accountability with mine. Tag me @cresmoon stars on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest and use the hashtag #letshinebrightogether so I can keep up with you!

We’re gonna have a rockin’ 2019!


Shine bright!

Love Jenn, Crescent Moon & Stars

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