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Making (and Rocking) a Success Journal

It’s always kinda of made me twitch when someone says: “I’m too blessed to be stressed!” As it’s certainly been over used, I have to fight the urge to roll my eyes. However, the idea behind the phrase does have some merit.  If you’re so focused on being positive, appreciating the small things, practicing gratitude for who you are, what you do and what you have and respecting the successes that are in your life, then the feelings of chaos, unworthiness and overall negativity are minor to the radiant glow that you have. Bask in that glow baby.

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As you already know, this month’s theme is about success. Earlier this week I talked about what is success to you and how to redefine it. If you missed that post, check it out here. Ask yourself, do you want a more positive mindset where you’re celebrating Iife with its successes and practicing gratitude or do you want to stay where you are, possibly stuck or in a rut and needing to get out? Even if things are going good, do you want to set limits on yourself on what your life means to you? Sarah Starrs has an awesome post: 30 Ways to Celebrate Your Achievements, where creating a success journal is just one of the many awesome and totally do-able options. What a great idea! Who wouldn’t want to write down all the success, accomplishments and over all positives in their life? In addition, Rosella LaFevre, a Marketing Consultant,  totally backs this and lists why it’s great to journal in her article: 13 Ways to Use a Journal to Grow in Success. Hello winning…


Success Journal


This month, I challenge you to write down at least weekly (if not daily), the successes that you’ve accomplished. Little or big. Anything from one small step…one giant leap for mankind to absolutely mind-blowing, log it.

Want a real challenge? For every success, write next to it why you’re grateful for it and/or the emotion you associate/get from that success.

August hath 31 days, so it’ll be a perfect time to do so and maybe even see some trends in your life. Are you getting enough radiant glowing in your life or does it seem like a constant grey cloud? Do you feel like Tigger, Piglet or Eeyore? As you’re writing, notice if there is any changes you could make. Do you need to get out more, shake up the good old routine or possibly even make a routine/ritual? Do you need to cut back from some things or add things in? Is it time to bite the bullet and detox from unhealthy things or from so-much-drama-it’d-make-a-soap-opera-jealous relationships?


you get success, you get success, everyone gets success


Let’s work on this challenge together. Share your victories, successes, wins, accomplishments, checked off the good old to-do list.

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Come back next week to learn how to throw a success dinner party that way everyone can celebrate their accomplishments!


Let’s glow in your successes

Shine bright

<3 Jenn


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