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Happy September!!!

Happy September!
Crazy how we’ve already gotten to September right?! Feels like the summer just started not too long ago and here we are with fall leaves going to be turning colors soon.

I must say, I am so over this summer. It was insanely HOT this summer and even for Charleston, this summer was miserable and I’ve lived here my entire life. July alone had 22/31 days that were 95 above and heat indexes up to 117. Even this past weekend, we had Hurricane Hermine stop by and show us a visit here in Charleston. Nothing major, just some rain and gusty winds. NOTHING like last October with “The Great Flood.”
I’m ready to start this month with a fresh, clean slate.
I came across this the other day and it’s totally perfect:

This September has had some great starts already. Two groups I’m apart of launched this month and within other groups I participate in, lots of people have launched or new launched their blogs and businesses. I would like to feature two groups in this post.

Shield Sisters Initiative

Are you looking for a support system like no other? Do you feel like you could use a coach, but holy crap they’re expensive or slightly wacko? Have you been feeling lost without anyone offering guidance? I feel your pain and so does Allie Williams, Megan Kubasch and Raewyn Sangari.

These 3 ladies totally got it going on. And better yet, they are your coaches. Allie will help you grow as an entrepreneur with blogging and products, Megan helps you get your head in the game by gearing your mindset in positivity in savvy business and clarity, and Raewyn will make sure that you are taking care of yourself and your life. I was a beta tester and now I’m proud to be a full-time member.

Your Shield Sisters Coaches

Check it out here and enroll in the Coaching Club, you won’t regret it: https://www.shieldsistersinitiative.com/


project build happiness

Another group I’m in love with right now is Project Build Happiness. Who doesn’t need doses of happiness in their chaotic lives? Um, I’m totally raising my hand here since you can’t see me.

Pam Hodges, Raewyn Sangari, Nora, Beth Jenkins, Miranda, Suzanna, Laura, Katie and Cate are fantastic ladies AND your hosts as Your Happiness Squad. Your squad is here to change your perception to see the happiness in your life and how to see the silver lining in the daily things. Check out the special Facebook group (daily Happiness prompts), Instagram (use the hashtag #projectbuildhappiness), weekly Twitter Chats, Pinterest Board, an awesome downloadable Happiness Journal and what’s as equally cool is that it’s FREE!

Check it out here:
Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/projectbuildhappiness/
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/hodgepodgepam/the-happy-board/?etslf=4557&eq=the%20happy


So how has your month started? It’s only Day 6, so don’t discouraged if nothing has happened or if it already hasn’t gone the way you planned. You have 24 more wonderful days ahead of you!

Shine bright!

<3 Jenn

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