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Everything in our lives revolves (no pun intended) around direction.  This ranges from daily, even mundane routines all the way up to politics and religion.


Up, down.

Left, right.

North. South.

East. West.

North vs. South.


Let’s get more specific.


East Coast vs. West Coast.

North Carolina, South Carolina. (Yes, I’m a Southern Babe).

North Korea. South Korea. 

Northern Italian food, Southern Italian food (my family just recently had an Italian dinner, delicious no matter what).

East side vs. West side.

Left party or Right party.

Heaven or Hell.


All directions.


Journey thousand miles single step



No matter where the direction is, it’s the what the direction leads to is the more important part. It keeps us grounded and not day dreaming all willy-nilly (not that there’s anything wrong with that unless you become completely irresponsible). Directions keep us on a specified path, a designated area, a way to stay in-between-the-lines. Direction, no matter what path we’re on, is just that. A path. As Robert Frost’s poem goes : “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood…” 2 paths… Hello decision making skills!


A path helps us focus ourselves on the here and now and as well as the future. It also can tell us where we’ve come from and can give us a sense of purpose. However, sometimes we have to change direction. It’s a fine line that we as adults like to play jump rope with (I’m almost 30 and I still struggle with it!). Driving to work? Piece of cake, approximately 8 miles each way, with side roads known if there’s an accident. ETA – 15-20 minutes, depending on traffic and lights. Trying to get my career exactly where I want it to be (I know the road I’m trying to get to takes time) and down the path to get to that goal? About that… ETA – I’m guessing about 5-10 years, but I thiiiiiiiiiiiiink someone forgot to recharge Tom-Tom.


So finding the direction of path is important, but I believe the why is of utmost importance.  Flip a coin. On one side you have becoming a set routine, order and guidance. On the other side, living in chaos and uncertainty. Which would you rather choose? (NO wrong answer here!) Both have good and bad consequences. Staying on a path with no change in direction can lead to getting in a rut and/or bored. On the flip side, change in direction can lead to amazing new experiences, independence, creativity freedom.


So, what path are you on?
Where is that path?
Do you feel lost or do you feel found?


Not All Who Wander Are Lost



I’ll be happy to admit, I don’t know either.

My name is Jenn and I’m an adult and I have no idea what I’m doing.
(Class: “Hi Jenn.”)



I am an almost 30 year old something, working in the hospitality field for almost 10 years in one form or another, currently working in hotels with her eye on the prize of eventually owning or co-partnering in my own Event Design business. I live in Charleston, SC, beautiful city and ranked #1 in the world. I am a future US Marine Corps wife and future step-mother to 2 beautiful boys (I know, I know… wait til they’re 13 haha). My life has changed directions so many times, I KNOW Tom-Tom is going “Just wait here a minute. Re-calculating. Do not turn off device…” Poor Tom-Tom. I never thought that I’d be working into hotels, that I would fall madly in love with a man in uniform, defender and hero of this country (and become hero of my heart!), that I would be a future step-mom (I love kids, but I never wanted any of my own. Good compromise Life!) We always say as kids that we can’t wait to grow up… well this wasn’t exactly the plan I had devised, but life does like to throw some curveballs, so let’s play ball.



Cant go back to yesterday different person (1)



So where are you going?

We’re always asked as a kid: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Answers vary and change over the years. Then we experience an upgrade if you will: “What do you want to do when you graduate high school/college?” College majors change. Location of where you’re living changes. Life circumstances happens and life changes. As you are very well aware, Life is full of distractions. We get caught up. We get busy. Our fellow friends and colleagues change. We forget things. We kick ourselves for forgetting things. We make plans. Plans change. We buy a calendar/planner to keep track of those plans. We lose said planner or completely forget to write in it (let’s be honest here…). We put things in reminder-based apps. Then we lose our phones… it seems to be a never ending cycle.


Distractions and chaos side, where do you want to be? Who do you want to be? What kind of direction do you want to be going? Are these boots made for walking or who’s steering? These are not always easy or definitive answers. It’s very easy to get discouraged, to lose motivation, to get confused and easily led elsewhere, or to take the “easy” path because we are so tired and just simply have no gumption to do what needs to be done or anything at all.



If you don't know where you're going,any road will get you there.- Lewis Caroll



Why Crescent Moon and Stars?
Back in the olden days, we didn’t have the fancy equipment, cell phones or GPS to tell us direction. We had ye old compass and if we were lucky, a map. Being out on the open water, we had to navigate our way and our lives around the moon and stars to get out bearings to make sure we weren’t going the opposite way than what we were wanted (Sound familiar?) As much as I love the sun and sunrises, especially in Charleston, I have always enjoyed the sunset and then watching the moon and stars come out. I could stare at a full moon all night long. Watching it rise, glow bright, shine a soft light, possibly seeing a rainbow ring around it. It brings me peace and contentment and zen. In a crescent moon all the way up to a full moon, we have a light onto a path. Even a new moon can be peaceful, despite not having a beautiful sliver or glowing ball in the sky. A new moon is reflective. When you get so busy running around or even down the straight and narrow path, sometimes taking a break in the dark to be reflective and make sure that we’re heading the right way is beneficial.


That’s what I hope Crescent Moon and Stars does for you. I want you to find direction again. I’m right there in the same boat with you. We can paddle together! Crescent Moon and Stars was founded for a way for us to slow down, take reflection and get either motivated or re-motivated in all aspects of life that matter. We are always pulled in some many directions, we usually become a hot tangled mess. I hope that Crescent Moon and Stars will help you, but it’s also for me too. I need it as much as you do! It’s not easy, but we can do this together. You struggle, I struggle. You win. I win.


How are we gonna do that you ask?

Well, I’ve broken down life into smaller categories that way we can tackle it 1 section at a time.

  • Eat Drink and Be Merry – who doesn’t love food and drink and being social while doing it?
  • Let’s Get Real – sometime life just sucks and we don’t wanna hear the truth (we CAN handle the truth!) and we gotta put our big panties on to deal with it.
  • Life is Worth Living For – it’s easy to get down in the dumps, these are reminders Life is Good.
  • Love With All of Your Heart – single, taken, married, divorced – all matters of the heart will be heartfully taken care of here.
  • Self Love Movement – so often enough we don’t take time to care of ourselves. A burnt out candle is no good if there’s no wick left and we all know we’re burning candles at both ends here.
  • Trust Me, I’m a Professional – our professional lives can dictate a lot of our life directions (career, schedule, driving times, location location location) and sometimes we just need new tips to keep it fresh.
  • Where’s the Apple? (Keep the Doctor Away) – pair up with lack of self love and a dash of over-professionalism and it’s easy to get tired and eventually get sick. Add someone coughing on you or the flu being passed around and it makes for a fun old time, so these’ll be tips on how to keep the doctor away and keep your health maintained.
  • Work It Out – fitness is good. Endorphins roaring, heart pumping, fit and healthy… sounds great! Yeah, I’m guilty too. Sometimes it’s just easier to come home from work from talking to 100+ a day on the phone or in person and crash on the bed for 6 more hours than it is to change clothes and go pump out some more sweat.


I hope that in the crazy lives we live that you find knowledge and the motivation to help you live one day at a time, remember that life is worth living for and that you’ll find your sense of direction and your zen.


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Let’s find direction together…

Shine bright.

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