Happy Armed Forces Day!



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We’ve covered what Armed Forces Week/Day is and learned a little about each Military Service Branch. I also hope that you learned about some of the military charities and organizations out there that are helping honor and support the heroes of the United States of America,

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 Hello everyone! I hope that you have enjoyed this week as we’ve learned about Armed Forces Week/Day and a little about each of the Military Service Branches.  This edition covers the United States Air Force and the United States National Guard.

Enjoy the final installment of this 3 part series!!!





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Air Force


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Hello all!


I hope that you enjoyed the 2nd installment of the United States Military Service Branches, featuring the US Navy an the US Coast Guard. I hope that you learned something you that didn’t know!

I apologize for the delay of postings this week, recently had some work and home life situations throw me some sneak attacks, but it’s all good now! This post (as I’m catching up on 3 final posts for this Armed Forces Week) features 2 more military charities and organizations that do the military proud.

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Hello! I hope that you enjoyed the 1st installment about what Armed Forces Week/Day was and a little about the Marines and the Army. In a followup, I would like to showcase a few military charities and organizations this week.


In this edition:

Wounded Warrior Project







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