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Happy First Day Of Summer!

Happy First Day of Summer!!!


Have any plans yet? Any vacations, planned beach trips, mountain climbing or catching some rays and dipping in the pool? Don’t forget summer cookouts, family reunions, and a big July 4th. (Who doesn’t love a good fireworks show?!)


Or are you like me and have absolutely no idea?
Never fear, I have inspiration for you.


Over the past few years, I’ve noticed several different weekday themes/inspirations on Pinterest. They have good ideas and with their clever alliteration, but sometimes they didn’t hit home with me. Field Trip Friday? I’m in my late 20’s, field trips are not exactly a thing anymore (Side note: sorta feeling bummed about that though haha).  Summertime is usually a fun and anticipated time of year, such as it as is a very social time of year, but it’s not only the heat that brings ya down. Most of us are so busy with work, family, kids, friends let alone try to do new things. So I thought I’d make up my own for those of us living in the adult world and make it something more realistic.


So, without further ado,


Crescent Moon & Stars presents

No Summertime Blues!


The weekends are free for you to do as you wish, but Monday thru Friday has a theme for you to focus on.


Mondays: Make it Count Monday

Raise your hand if you love Mondays. **crickets** Nobody? Well how about we fix that? Let’s make Mondays count. Start off your week with a little pizzaz! Focus on moving around and/or creating stuff. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Park further back at work instead of parking up closer. Crappy Monday? Hit the gym or do your favorite workout to put yourself in a better mood and beat those Monday blues. Better yet, create a new soundtrack to pump you up or calm you down.

What are your creative passions? Art? Drawing? Painting? Jewelry making? Pottery?  Scrapbooking? Quilling? Crocheting/knitting? Cross-stitch? Writing? Coloring? Create something that makes you happy and put it somewhere in plain sight so that you can stare at it and admire how awesome you are all week long. How’s that for Monday motivation?


Tuesday: Time out to Read Tuesday

We always say that we have no time to read right? Have that book on the nightstand that you keep meaning to read but the bed is just too comfy and you fall asleep quicker than you expected? **Guilty** Have books on the bookshelves that have been calling your name? **Raises hand** Miss the feel of turning actual paper pages and smelling the scent of books vs. the digital swiping of a finger? Take 15, 30 or 60 minutes to read each Tuesday, even if it’s just a chapter or 2. Before you know it, the book you’ve been meaning to read will soon be crossed off your to-do list and you’ll be ready for the next one!


Wednesday: What’s Cooking Wednesday

Hey Good Looking, what ya got cooking? It’s the middle of the weekday, Happy Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuumpday!!!! **Ok Mike the Camel, we’re good here** So I know that I have all of these cookbooks and printed online recipes just laying around and bookmarked to try out “when I get time.” That line is almost like “Just 1 more episode…” while on Netflix. What’s better than to try out that recipe you’ve been meaning to try? If you don’t want to get crazy, try swapping out different ingredients for a recipe you’re used to. If you don’t feel like cooking or if that’s JUST THAT HOT, try a new dish at a restaurant that you frequent or go really crazy and try a new cuisine entirely. (Bonus points if you meet up with some friends at a new restaurant none of you have tried.)


Thursday: Thoughtful Thursday

This one may seem kinda weird to spend a Thursday on thinking and reflection, but guess what? It’s almost Friday! Why don’t you think about how much you’ve accomplished this week? Write down everything, whether it’s “I rocked that presentation this week” to “I remembered to shower today” to “I found a quarter on the ground.” Every small thing. When you’re done, look back over and reflect how awesome life is. How awesome your life is. Better yet, tell someone how awesome you think they are and how grateful you are they are in your life. #Grateful and ready to #LetTheBlessingsRainDown


Friday: Fresh and Funky Friday

Hello Friday. I’ve been looking for you all week. Since Friday is already a typical social day/night, try something new that you’ve never done before and always wanted to try. Go explore somewhere in your city (or even outside your city limits if you can) that looks interesting. Try out attractions, even if you’re a local. What it looked like when you were 10 may not look like what it does now. While you’re at it, why not take pictures to be able to enjoy the new memories you’re making now to reminisce later on? (Bonus points: print them out for next Make It Count Monday! Find some cool frames already made/ready to decorate or could always scrapbook them!

Tell people about your new learned skill set because you never know who may be interested! Also, it could be a great conversation starter and you could gain a new friend or creative partner. It’s crazy how small the world can be. Since I’ve started Crescent Moon & Stars and joined groups, chats and linkups, my world has opened up when I found some Facebook groups.



Let’s have fun and be safe this summer (if you’re hearing “Here, hold my beer” all summer, you miiiight want to rethink the plans you have). I’d love to know what you’re up to. Use the hashtag #LetsShineBrightTogether. Also, if you haven’t yet, check out Crescent Moon & Stars on social media. You can find me on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.


While you’re at it, I’ve created a printable poster for you that has all the weekday theme on it. Sign up for my email list and get your summer started!


Lets shine bright together…

<3 Jenn

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